The Automatic Muse

This book contains:

Robert Desnos . Mourning for Mourning

Michel Leiris . The Cardinal Point

Georges Limbour . The Polar Child

Benjamin Péret . The Elegant Ewe

The Automatic Muse collects together four remarkable novels from the early days of Surrealism - the 1920s, when the group was experimenting with “automatic writing” and other methods of “forcing inspiration."

Despite, or because of, the methods used in their composition these works are remarkable for the differences between them. They are variously mysterious, comic, astonishing, wildly extravagant. Yet they all share a feeling for the marvellous, and a literary style totally unrestrained by the conventions of “literature.” Their potent vitality is an ample demonstration of the Surrealist programme and its belief in “the total liberation of man."

Nøkkelord: Prosa Avantgarde Surrealisme