Cosmopolitan In Denmark

COSMOPOLITAN IN DENMARK is a selection af Benny Andersen\'s poems about the Danes, Danish mentality, and Danish humour.

The poems are tied together with accompanying text and with Maria Bramsen\'s witty and lively illustrations.

Benny Andersen, born in 1929, is currently Denmark\'s most popular poet. In addition to his many collections of poetry, he has written a novel, short stories, children\'s books, film scripts, radio and television plays, and essays. He is a member of the Danish Academy and has received numerous literary awards. In this book, he gives a warm, witty and highly personal view of his fellow countrymen.

    Benny Andersen: Cosmopolitan In Denmark
  • Forlag: Borgen
  • Kategori: Poesi
  • Originaltittel: Verdensborger i Danmark og andre digte om danskere
  • Oversetter: Cynthia La Touche Andersen
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  • ISBN: 9788721003579
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