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Under That Silky Roof
The poems of this new collection are concerned with the interplay of domestic life — its companionship, its fecundity, its losses — and... Les mer
The Will To Sickness
Gerhard Roth burst on the German-speaking scene in the early 1970s with three fiercely experimental novels, among them our present DER WILLE ZUR... Les mer
I My Feet
Gerhard Rühm is a radical experimenter, a restless explorer of traditions and genres, atomizing their elements in order to recompose them with... Les mer
Ring Rang Wrong
Borrowed voices, invented voices, and a very personal but unplaceable voice all wind their way through these mock-philosophical meditations on nature... Les mer
A bouillon cube (literally), a conceptual cube (seven sections of seven poems, with each poem composed of seven seven-syllable lines) and at the same... Les mer
Five on Fiction
From her early stories on, Kauffman has redefined terms — of literature and of human nature. Here, short paragraphs cut across genres to assemble a... Les mer
Pegasus Descending
Out of print for thirty years, this hilarious and disgusting anthology is again available, complete and unexpurgated. The editors, hoping always for... Les mer
Close Quote
While questioning the possibility of communication (“Who’s able to decipher the thoughts that link two separate creatures?”) Borel forces... Les mer
The Trip to Bordeaux
Four adults, a child and a cat travel from Germany to Bordeaux. Harig tells their adventures in humorous permutations, word-games, Baroquisms,... Les mer
Our Fortunes
The poems in this book send intense probes into the depth of emotion, and at the same time play out an elliptical music of perceptions. Kalendek... Les mer
The Vox Populi Street Stories
A satirical novel, narrated by Gottlieb Otto Liebgott, a retired German doctor who lives in Cincinnati. It centers on the life and career of... Les mer
The title plays off the style of J. M. W. Turner’s paintings and media mogul Ted Turner’s revival of B-cinema as two competing versions of the... Les mer
Ceci n'est pas Keith / Ceci n'est pas Rosmarie
These parallel reports from two writers long together (and occasionally collaborating) show characteristic differences, both of background and of... Les mer
The Grand Hotels (of Joseph Cornell)
Robert Coover takes us through the looking-glass of Joseph Cornell's boxes into a world of "Grand Hotels" we never dreamed of. Rooms... Les mer
Embargoed Voice
Graffi's poems place themselves on the edge between a highly pliant, "thick" language and absence of voice. Together, these two faces... Les mer
Mental Ground
All Esther Tellermann's poetry - from the first line of her first book: "time had the slowness of not-yet-asleep" - is an ongoing... Les mer
On Wooden Tablets: Apronenia Avitia
An introductory biography places our heroine in Rome, in the turbulent 4th century, when the Roman Empire cumbles, invaded by the... Les mer
Many Glove Compartments
Unlike Adam ("the old Stalin of language"), Pastior is not out to name animals or anything else. "Talking about things is not... Les mer
One Score More
To celebrate Burning Deck’s 40th anniversary, this anthology presents poetry and prose published in the years 1981-2001. It is a... Les mer
Hourglass Transcripts
Hourglass Transcripts asks, What is the legible? How can the uncountable find the page outside of measurable time? To approach the preverbal, the... Les mer
Xq28 is a satric response to the so-called "gay gene" that made headlines in 1993. Noting that no genetic marker for "lesbianism"... Les mer
Crosscut Universe
Norma Cole has combed through books, little magazines, and correspondence to gather an exciting body of writing by our French contemporaries. There... Les mer
A Test of Solitude
Emmanuel Hocquard was born in 1940. Several of his volumes have been translated into English, most recently Theory of Tables (trans. Michael Palmer,... Les mer
Reft and Light
Ernst Jandl's poems are so engrained in the German language that they are impossible to translate. This volume present an unusual experiment: for... Les mer