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ceteris paribus
ceteris paribus is a phrase commonly used by economists and means "assuming all other things are held constant." With this phrase, a host... Les mer
The House
A woman wanders from room to room, or ventures outside, and throughout the ensuring procession of locations, ruminations, or dreams, is transported... Les mer
Artificial Heart
Peter Gizzi's new book negotiates the intersection of artifice and the turbulent domain of feeling. The book recuperates the concerns of the... Les mer
A Geometry
"I live the text as a body," says Albiach. She lives it literally, in the physical context of breath, of voice, of syntax as a physical... Les mer
Poetry. Translated from the German by Rosmarie Waldrop. Pen Award for Poetry in Translation, 2008. LINGOS takes as its playground all the cultural... Les mer
"If a man paints a picture of a beefsteak on a plate very few people will ask, 'Who bought that beefsteak? at what shop? And what did he... Les mer
Heart Into Soil
Heart Into Soilpp traverses landscapes of exile and identity, where memory appears as the ground of daily existence, and what is felt reveals the... Les mer
Even a Child
A poem cannot stop death, even a child's, cannot home in on silence. But here the very language burrows into the earth, literally and... Les mer
Analogies of Escape
"Will we escape analogy," Claude Royet-Journoud asked. Does Analogies of Escape answer this question? Or does it rather use that famous line as the... Les mer
The logics of ownership and possession are used in the world not only to authorize my bank account and rental agreement, but my authority to speak or... Les mer
Sarx moves across an existential landscape suggested by Herodotus' account of Scythians, a landscape of flesh (sarx) and of flesh bitten into... Les mer
Love stories? Configurations of encounters, shifting relations, power games, failures. The tension between the closeness of love and the claims of... Les mer
As If In Turning
Emitting short, probing clicks, the cave swiftlet finds its way through dark corridors. The bird adjusts its position according to the modified... Les mer
Some Other Kind of Mission
A mock-epic of the everyday as it might be discovered through juxtapositions of public and private information. Composed of poems, prose segments,... Les mer
A poem by the leading French avant-garde poet whose one-line manifesto: "Shall we escape analogy?" marked the turn away from Surrealism.... Les mer
Skyblue’s Essays
As Harry Mathews has said, Wiebe is "unsettlingly original." The satires of Skyblue's Essays explode with sardonic humor, surreal... Les mer
The Peacock Emperor Moth
The brevity of Marcel Cohen's stories is matched by their intensity. Written in a style that seems both classical and avant-garde, each shows us... Les mer
Mountains in Berlin
Elke Erb shares with other poets from the former GDR an emphasis on the concrete, but her way of presenting it is unlike anybody else's, East or... Les mer
5000 Musical Terms
The 5000 words in this collection include found texts, not so much for the effect of collage as because, the author says with tongue firmly planted... Les mer
Poems that sift and resift the lessons of perception, of "raw" experience, but in order to open them into more complex compounds of vision,... Les mer
An eye wanders off course because a visual stimulus has lept from the picture frame, insisting on the journey into words. In the hypersaturation of... Les mer
Heiligenanstalt contains four fictions "around" the composers Chopin, Bruckner, Schubert, and the trio of Brahms, Clara and Robert... Les mer
Tacitus tells, in his Annals, how the Romans were defeated by "a simple woman." On a chariot with her two daughters, who had been raped by... Les mer
Ancestors Maybe
Elizabeth MacKiernan's novel, Ancestors Maybe, is a comic fantasy about the Pagano- Christian tradition as it is experienced in central... Les mer