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The Landing of Rochambeaup
A collection of poems and prose pieces circling the problem of historical knowledge. Language is not simply a vehicle for representing one's... Les mer
Entire Days
An attempt to measure, in language, the impact and implications of a continuous day on a single life. Various articulations of the externals, time,... Les mer
Poetry. "Waldrop examines how human memory works, how deeply implicated language constructs are in that process, and what purpose memory... Les mer
The Heat Bird
Four long poems, set in New Mexico, which accumulate into an intricate narrative. Mei-mei Berssenbrugge was bom in Beijing, China, and now lives... Les mer
L issa McLaughlin aspires to squash expectation, which hastens surprise. She was born in upstate NY, attended college in the Midwest and... Les mer
A biography of Francis Bacon in verse, with prose interludes. Four aspects of Bacon are examined: the aspirant who became--in the worldly sense-- the... Les mer
The Capture of Trieste
Among Library Journal's best titles of 1979 and 1984, these stories show Ahern as an extraordinarily witty storyteller and a brilliant stylist.... Les mer
Miners Getting Off the Graveyard
"A book full of hard life, hard feeling and hard thought, yet lyrical in its hardness. Hall mixes his vocabularies, ideational to sensual, with... Les mer
Poetry. A book-length poem with the rhythms of Don Cherry and John Chicai and the vision of Charles Olson, all held in tension against silence. "POEM... Les mer
Secret Histories
Secret Histories maps the nexus of history, language and political consciousness through the lens of a supposed but elusive present tense. The poems... Les mer
William Carlos Williams writes, “There is a constant barrier between the reader and his consciousness of immediate contact with the world. If there... Les mer
A Lesson in Music
Jean Daive was born in 1941. This book is part 7 of his multi-volume work, Narration d'equilibre, of which 9 parts have appeared between 1982... Les mer
Parts of the Mass
This first book of poems juxtaposes contemporary physics, personal and public history, and a passion for the sound of words with the structural arc... Les mer
The Translation Begins
The myth of Diana and Actaeon forms the matrix for this poem which tells of Eros and Language, and of dismemberment. It tries to exasperate... Les mer