Konsert med Jon Auer (USA) på House of Foundation

Onsdag 26. april får vi storfint besøk ! Jon Auer (fra The Posies) kommer til Moss for å holde en akustisk konsert !

In addition to being a critically acclaimed solo artist, Jon Auer is the co-founder/singer/songwriter/ multi-instrumentalist of The Posies, one half of art pop duo Dynamo Royale, and was a member of the reformed Big Star for 17 years (until Alex Chilton's untimely passing in 2010). Auer has toured the world over in support of his much-praised solo album Songs From The Year Of Our Demise, a song cycle that illustrates his undeniable knack for combining the highly melodic with the emotionally and psychologically complex, arguably mining more singular and adventurous territory than in any of his work previous. As a solo performer, Auer's one-man show is entrancing and intimately entertaining, songs and stories side by side.

A teenaged Auer recorded and mixed the first Posies' album (Failure) in his parent's house and during his multi-faceted career Auer has produced and/or mix records for the likes of You Am I, Redd Kross, and Spiral Stairs (of Pavement) and the Sub Pop label and many others. Auer also performed on William Shatner's Has Been album (produced by Ben Folds). Former Beatle Ringo Starr even covered one of Auer's compositions ("Golden Blunders") and Auer's haunting "Lady Sweet" (sung by Auer) was the lead track from the Big Star record In Space. Currently residing in France, Auer spent four intensive months touring the US and Europe in 2016 sharing The Posies' latest release (Solid States) and he is prominently featured in the upcoming Big Star movie Thank You Friends: Big Star's Third Live...and More.


About Songs From The Year Of Our Demise:

- “Startling (and liberating), a brilliant inversion of pop routine” - UNCUT (4/5)

- “One of the best albums of the year...August, melodic and heart wrenching” - AMPLIFIER

- "A confessional and delicately nuanced solo album." - THE VILLAGE VOICE

- "The most arresting songwriting of Auer's career...this is Jon Auer at his best." - UNDER THE RADAR (8/10)

- "Each song carries a strong, distinct melody, as if someone built an entire Brill Building in Auerʼs head...Auer rides his juxtaposition of soaring form and searing content into pop transcendence.” - POP MATTERS (8/10)

- “Leadoff track "Six Feet Under"...is among the catchiest and most emotionally exposed songs Auer has ever recorded.” - MAGNET

- "Better even than his contributions to last yearʼs Posies and Big Star albums, Demise displays the sort of pop classicism that Auer excels at.... pain framed by such unerring, uplifting melodies that you almost hope, selfishly, that heartbreak will visit him each time he sits down to write." - HARP

- "The melodies are so damn spot-on that I keep coming back again and again.... Cloudy-day pop that's hard to top." - TINY MIX TAPES

- "The Posies released Every Kind Of Light last year, but its excellence has already been surpassed by Auer's solo full-length debut.... He's emerged with what could be his sharpest, most memorable work since Frosting On The Beater." - THE ONION

- "Auer's first proper solo LP after a long career is a total surprise.... A conceptual, soulful record - but with a prickly, smarting underside. What you do get is something akin to a watershed LP....a counter-spell you canʼt escape...this thicket of thorns lurking beneath a beauteous rose" - THE BIG TAKEOVER (#2 on Jack Rabid's Top 40 picks)

- Songs From The Year Of Our Demise on Metacritc