Trenchart Monographs: Hurry up Please It's Time

TrenchArt Monographs: hurry up please its time, is the newest anthology of essays. Experiments in language, the aesthetic essays in this anthology investigate the why of those experiments. The essays challenge, too, what an essay looks like, what an essay can do. Manifestos, lists, performative pieces, visual art, critical essays, marginalia, and the entirely unclassifiable-these pieces pull, prod, and play with the concept of "language" from all directions, misdirections, and sometimes no direction at all. This is critique pregnant with poetry, with image, with mutilated lips, with the scent of camphor in hot celluloid. The series of books, take its name from "trench art"-artistic creations produced by soldiers made in wartime using whatever material was at hand, from shell casings to scrap metal to bone. It is art born of conflict and forced community: here we are, together in the trenches.

"synopsis" may belong to another edition of this title.

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