Bøker fra Semiotext[e]

Kun lagervarer
This odd, transcendent and triumphant novel published in 2000 completes a quasi-autobiographical, radically philosophical series of fictions Howe... Les mer
The Pain Journal
Los Angeles writer and artist Bob Flanagan created performances with Sheree Rose that shocked and inspired audiences. He combined text, video, and... Les mer
Politics of the Very Worst
Based upon a 1996 conversation Paul Virilio had with French journalist Phillipe Petit, The Politics of the Very Worst summarizes Virilio's... Les mer
Why Different?
For Luce Irigaray, one of the most original French feminist theorists, deconstructing the patriarchal tradition is not enough. She admits that it is... Les mer
Airless Spaces
In 1970, at the age of twenty-five, Shulamith Firestone wrote and published The Dialectic of Sex, immediately becoming a classic of second wave... Les mer
Imported: A Reading Seminar
From 1993-96, artist Rainer Ganahl held six reading seminars with six different bibliographies in six different countries and entitled this public... Les mer
Soft Subversions
This collection of Felix Guattari’s essays, lectures, and interviews traces the militant anti-psychiatrist and theorist's thought and activity... Les mer
Foucault Live: Interviews, 1966-84
Currently in its fourth printing, Foucault Live is the most accessible and exhaustive introduction to Foucault's thought to date. Composed of every... Les mer
Everything is rational in capitalism, except capital or capitalism itself. The stock market is certainly rational; one can understand it, study it,... Les mer
The New Fuck You
Borrowing its name from the notorious 60s Ed Sanders magazine, Fuck You: A Magazine of the Arts, the editors have figured a way to rehone its... Les mer
Reading Brooke Shields
This dialogue about depression and culture constitutes Canadian author Eldon Garnet’s "confessions" as a failed cultural critic who,... Les mer
The Origin of the Species
The Origin of the Species collects stories, manifestos, rants and songs by Homer Erotic lead singer/poet/politico Barbara Barg. Raised as the only... Les mer
Inside & Out of Byzantium
Nina Zivancevic, a prominent Serbian poet, scholar, and translator, lived in lower Manhattan prior to the outbreak of the war in Sarajevo in 1992.... Les mer
Archeology of Violence
Pierre Clastres broke up with his mentor Claude Levi-Strauss to collaborate with Gilles Deleuze and Felix Gattari on their Anti-Oedipus. He is the... Les mer
Still Black, Still Strong
Still Black Still Strong is an essential document of the Black Panther Party written by three leading... Les mer
How I Became One of the Invisible
Put together by Chris Kraus just before David Rattray’s sudden death and published in 1992, How I Became One of the Invisible has since circulated... Les mer
The Madame Realism Complex
An irreverent and lucid sojourn through the facetious, twisted burps we call sophisticated society, captured by the camera-quick and ruthless eye of... Les mer
Not Me
Listen, I have been educated. I have learned about Western Civilization. Do you know What the message of Western Civilization is? I am... Les mer
Lost Dimension
To read these five essays of 1983 is to begin to come to terms with the theoretical cataclysm of the present. In Lost Dimension, Paul Virilio... Les mer
The Aesthetics of Disappearance
In The Aesthetics of Disappearance, Paul Virilio traces out the relationship of biological optics to the technological "production of... Les mer
Hannibal Lecter, My Father
Edited by Sylvère Lotringer and published in 1991, Hannibal Lecter, My Father gathers together Acker’s early work: raw, brilliant, emotional and... Les mer
Walking Through Clear Water In a Pool Painted Black
Cookie trips through her forty-year odyssey on this planet--from LSD to shopping at the A&P, from birthing Max to shooting Pink Flamingos. The echoes... Les mer
If You’re A Girl
Elizabeth LeComte: Alright, I want to know something and I want the straight dope. Were you ever in the sack with this guy? Ann Rower: With... Les mer
Popular Defense & Ecological Struggles
What is popular defense? From whom do we have to defend ourselves? Originally civilian populations were capable of defending themselves both in... Les mer