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Pearl S. Buck: A Cultural Biography
One of the most popular novelists of the twentieth century, winner of a Pulitzer and Nobel Prize for Literature and an active social and political... Les mer
John Barrymore, Shakespearean Actor
John Barrymore’s Richard III and Hamlet, first seen in New York during the 1919–20 and 1922–23 seasons, stand as high-water marks of... Les mer
John Fernström, tonsättare i folkhemmets tid
John Fernström (1897--1961) blev en av sin generations mest produktiva tonsättare med bland annat tolv symfonier, flera solokonserter och åtta... Les mer
Shayndl and Salomea
At the age of fifty and faced with severe depression, Salomea Genin began to write about her family's history. From stories both told and untold,... Les mer
Mellan provins och parnass
John Fernström (1897--1961) var verksam som violinist, dirigent och tonsättare. Idag är han bäst ihågkommen för sitt initiativ att 1951 starta... Les mer
Virginia Woolf
Hermione Lee sees Virginia Woolf afresh, in her historical setting and as a vital figure for our times. Her book moves freely between a richly... Les mer
Nikolaj Gogol
Detta kan egentligen inte kallas en biografi, även om Nabokov i och för sig skildrar Gogols liv i stora drag. Snarare är det en personlig essä,... Les mer
The Courtship of Olivia Langdon and Mark Twain
Passionate readers both, Olivia Langdon and Mark Twain courted through books, spelling out their expectations through literary references as they... Les mer
The Wounded Jung
By exploring Carl Jung's transformative life experience and its effect on his thoughts and writings, The Wounded Jung shows how Jung's... Les mer
Harriet Jacobs and Incidents in the Life of a Slave Girl
Harriet Jacobs, today perhaps the single-most read and studied black American woman of the nineteenth century, has not until recently enjoyed... Les mer
Otto Neurath
An international team of four authors, led by distinguished philosopher of science, Nancy Cartwright, and leading scholar of the Vienna Circle,... Les mer
Thomas Stearns Eliot: Poet
A. David Moody’s Thomas Stearns Eliot: Poet was published to acclaim in 1979, with a successful paperback following in 1980. This carefully revised... Les mer
Reimagining Thoreau
Reimagining Thoreau synthesises the interests of the intellectual and psychological biographer and the literary critic in a reconsideration of... Les mer
Archbishop Theodore
Theodore, Archbishop of Canterbury (668–90), was a monk of Greek origin and extraordinary learning, who shaped the English Church into a structure... Les mer
Hösten 1908 flydde Vilhelm Ekelund, en av Sveriges mest uppmärksammade yngre författare, till Tyskland undan en hotande fängelsedom. Han kom att... Les mer
Anna Akhmatova and her circle
This powerful collection of fifteen memoirs by and about one of the greatest poets of our time weaves an unforgettable drama of friendship, grace,... Les mer
Anna Akhmatova and her circle
This powerful collection of fifteen memoirs by and about one of the greatest poets of our time weaves an unforgettable drama of friendship, grace,... Les mer
The Sword of Truth
At the turn of the eighteenth to the nineteenth century a revolutionary movement arose in Hausaland (now part of northern Nigeria) that was to have a... Les mer
Fritz Reiner - A Biography
Thirty years after his death, Fritz Reiner's contribution--as a conductor, as a teacher (of Leonard Bernstein, among others), and as a... Les mer
Nelly Sachs - En biografi
Ruth Dinesen: Nelly Sachs - En biografi 1. udgave 1.... Les mer
New Light on Boswell
Boswell’s Life of Johnson is established as one of the foremost literary biographies in the English language. This collection of new essays,... Les mer
Martial: The Unexpected Classic
This is the first full-length study in English of the Roman poet Martial’s life, poetry and politics, as well as of the survival of his fifteen... Les mer
The World of Bede
An engaging and accessible introduction to the writings and intellectual development of the Venerable Bede (d.735), this book (originally published... Les mer
The American T. S. Eliot
In his old age T. S. Eliot said on a number of occasions that the American experience of his childhood and youth had had the deepest influence on his... Les mer