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Kun lagervarer
MonolUNG – 19 monologer for unge er resultatet av en monologkonkurranse utlyst av Norsk Skuespillersenter med støtte fra Kunstløftet i Norsk... Les mer
Life and Acting
Arriving in America as a teenage Holocaust refugee, Jack Garfein would soon rise to the top of his field. Life and Acting is the product of more than... Les mer
Popkultur og død - Neverland er ein sorgmunter fabel om fantasiflukt som smertelindring. Mikkel skal dø. Men Anna, mor hans, kan dansa som... Les mer
Learning to Perform: An Introduction
In Learning to Perform Carol Simpson Stern and Bruce Henderson enliven the dialogue between theory and practice for actors and teachers alike.... Les mer
JAMES FENIMORE COOPER (1789–1851) var i sin levetid en anerkjent og svært populær forfatter. Særlig var han kjent for sine sjøromaner og... Les mer
Renaissance Drama 36/37
Renaissance Drama, an annual interdisciplinary publication, is devoted to drama and performance as a central feature of Renaissance culture. The... Les mer
Hello Failure
Hello failure was presented in the Prelude Festival in 2007, and produced at PS 122 in March 2008. "The play opens quietly, more or less, on... Les mer
Mother Courage and Her Children
One of Brecht's most famous plays and a classic of modern literature/theatre, this Student Edition features a comprehensive introduction,... Les mer
DAI (enough) - A Play
Set in a Tel Aviv café in the moments before a suicide bomber enters, Iris Bahr’s 2008 Lucille Lortel Award–winning DAI (enough) courageously... Les mer
The Unmentionables - A Play
Set in western equitorial Africa on the estate of a wealthy American businessman, The Unmentionables opens with a pugnacious monologue warning the... Les mer
Eternal Hydra -
When a young scholar finds Eternal Hydra, a long-lost, legendary, and encyclopedic novel by an obscure Irish writer, she brings the manuscript to an... Les mer
Four Places - A Play
Sketched together on a deceptively simple frame, this emotionally precise play uses its spare structure to devastating and darkly comic effect. A... Les mer
Loving Repeating
Frank Galati's dramatic adaptation of Gertrude Stein's texts begins with Stein at age 60 as she is lecturing at the University of Chicago in... Les mer
Love/Stories (or, but you will get used to it)
A casting session for a play about a love affair goes awry. A talk-back with a theater audience becomes the occasion for a life-altering choice. A... Les mer
My Winnipeg
A herd of horses frozen in a river. A bargain bridge. Seances. Golden Boy pageants. A demolished hockey arena. St. Mary’s Academy for Girls. Spanky... Les mer
The Cambridge Companion to Harold Pinter
Harold Pinter was one of the world’s leading and most controversial writers, and his impact and influence continues to grow. This Companion... Les mer
The Cambridge Introduction to Scenography
Scenography – the manipulation and orchestration of the performance environment – is an increasingly popular and key area in performance studies.... Les mer
Hvert år forbereder hundrevis av håpefulle kandidater seg til ulike opptaksprøver og auditions i inn- og utland. En av de viktigste beslutninger... Les mer
Fedras kjærleik
Fedras kjærleik er laust basert på det klassiske skodespelet Fedra, som tek for seg myten om Fedras tragiske kjærleik til stesonen Hippolytos.... Les mer
Sisters in Sin
The prostitute, and her sister in sin - the so-called ‘fallen’ woman - were veritable obsessions of American Progressive Era culture. Their... Les mer
Print and the Poetics of Modern Drama
What does it matter what we read? The question of the materiality of the book has surprising consequences when applied to dramatic writing, where the... Les mer
The Cambridge Introduction to Modern British Theatre
British theatre has long been regarded as a world-leader in terms of its quality, creativity and range. Starting in 1900, this book introduces the... Les mer
Direktøren og hans sekretær
«Frk. Selbye: Unnskyld … jeg er kommet … til riktig … Martinsen: Fy faen for en lidelse. For et vær og for en dag. Hvor mye skal en... Les mer
Aske / Visittid / I dette hvite lyset
Sverre Udnæs var det suverene navn innen norsk scenekunst ved sin bortgang, forgudet av de skuespillere som jobbet med ham, beundret av fagfolk... Les mer