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Newly famous in the wake of the publication of her groundbreaking Autobiography of Alice B. Toklas, Gertrude Stein delivered her Narration lectures... Les mer
En kulturutredning
En av kulturutredningens avhoppade sekreterare presenterar här en egen kulturutredning, i den officiella utredningens skugga. David Karlssons bok... Les mer
Göra ont: Litterär metafysik
”Don’t be evil” säger Google; Josef Fritzl är ”ondskan personifierad” påstår Nationalencyklopedin – begreppet ondska har fått en... Les mer
Everything You Wanted to Know About Lacan But Were Afraid to Ask Hitchcock
Hitchcock gets onto the analyst's couch in this extraordinary volume of case studies. The contributors bring to bear an unrivalled enthusiasm and... Les mer
Grønland Kalaalit Nunaat
Tekster omhandlende Grønland set fra et litterært, tværmedialt og kunstnerisk... Les mer
The Pathology of Normalcy
A brilliant meditation on mental health in the modern world; alienation and mental health; ways to overcome “the insane society”; a comprehensive... Les mer
Formalism, Experience, and the Making of American Literature in the Nineteenth Century
Theo Davis offers a fresh account of the emergence of a national literature in the United States. Taking American literature's universalism as an... Les mer
Proust, Beckett, and Narration
This a comprehensive comparison of the narrative techniques of two of the twentieth century’s most important writers of prose. Using a combination... Les mer
Vårt brokigas ochellericke!
I Vårt brokigas ochellericke! diskuterar Per Bäckström olika strategier för att förstå och tolka experimentell poesi, med utgångspunkt i... Les mer
The Cambridge Companion to the Epic
Every great civilisation from the Bronze Age to the present day has produced epic poems. Epic poetry has always had a profound influence on other... Les mer
Identité des contraires sur Georges Bataille et le christianisme
Georges Batailles (1897-1962) samlede verker foreligger i 12 bind, og hans romaner og fortellinger er utgitt i forlaget Gallimards prestisjetunge... Les mer
Soul and Form
György Lukács was a Hungarian Marxist philosopher, writer, and literary critic who shaped mainstream European Communist thought. Soul and Form was... Les mer
Reading Heinrich Heine
Originally created in 2007, this is a comprehensive study of the nineteenth-century German poet Heinrich Heine. Anthony Phelan examines the complete... Les mer
Ibsens Brand
Den stridbare presten Brand er den mest omdiskuterte person i norsk litteratur. Forskere og kritikere har ortsatt problemer med å vite hva de skal... Les mer
The Universal Jew
The Universal Jew analyzes literary images of the Jewish nation and the Jewish national subject at Zionism’s formative moment. In a series of... Les mer
Unoriginal Genius
What is the place of individual genius in a global world of hyper-information— a world in which, as Walter Benjamin predicted more than seventy... Les mer
Dostoevsky’s Dialectics and the Problem of Sin
In Dostoevsky’s Dialectics and the Problem of Sin, Ksana Blank borrows from ancient Greek, Chinese, and Christian dialectical traditions to... Les mer
Beyond Symbolism and Surrealism
The great modernist eccentric Alexei Remizov was a “writers’ writer” whose innovative poetic prose has long since entered the Russian literary... Les mer
Three Sons
Franz Kafka was a self-conscious writer whose texts were highly if mysteriously autobiographical. Three giants of contemporary fiction—J. M.... Les mer
Darwin. A life in science
Today Charles Darwin is regarded as one of the most -- if not the most -- influential scientists of all time. Yet in his lifetime his radical new... Les mer
The Wikipedia Revolution
Wikipedia in less than a decade has single-handedly invigorated and torn up the very idea of an encyclopedia, eclipsing every rival tome and language... Les mer
Jean Baudrillard
Best known as the philosopher who claimed that the Gulf War never happened, Jean Baudrillard is one of the most famous and controversial writers on... Les mer
Solution 1-10: Umbauland
After the end of the Second World War, the Federal Republic of Germany wanted to avoid a national “special path” at all costs. Even those who,... Les mer
Nicole Brossard: Essays on Her Works
Presenting poems by Nicole Brossard, this collection includes essays that critically appreciate her poetry, nine novels, and works of theory and... Les mer