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Shakespeare and Garrick
Much has been written about the acting style of David Garrick, the eighteenth century’s greatest actor-manager, but this book, unusually, claims a... Les mer
Poetry and the Romantic Musical Aesthetic
James H. Donelan describes how two poets, a philosopher, and a composer – Hölderlin, Wordsworth, Hegel, and Beethoven – developed an idea of... Les mer
Toni Morrison and the Idea of Africa
Toni Morrison’s fiction has been read as a contribution to and critique of Western civilization and Christianity. La Vinia Jennings reveals the... Les mer
Shakespeare’s Literary Authorship
Re-situating Shakespeare as an early modern professional, Patrick Cheney views him not simply as a man of the theatre, but also as an author with a... Les mer
Authorised Lives in Early Christian Biography
What was distinctive about Christian biography in late antiquity? In this book, Dr Williams examines a range of biographies of prominent Christians... Les mer
The Cambridge Companion to the Greek and Roman Novel
The Greek and Roman novels of Petronius, Apuleius, Longus, Heliodorus and others have been cherished for millennia, but never more so than now. The... Les mer
Women and the Comic Plot in Menander
Taking a fresh look at mistaken identity in the work of an author who helped to introduce the device to comedy, Professor Traill shows how the... Les mer
Abusive Mouths in Classical Athens
This study of the language of insult charts abuse in classical Athenian literature that centres on the mouth and its appetites, especially talking,... Les mer
The Making of Roman India
Latin and especially Greek texts of the imperial period contain a wealth of references to India. Professor Parker offers a survey of such texts, read... Les mer
Fitzgerald: The Lost Decade
During the last six years of his life, F. Scott Fitzgerald was an Esquire author. Between 1934 and 1940, Fitzgerald sold some forty-five pieces of... Les mer
The Cambridge Handbook of Metaphor and Thought
A comprehensive collection of essays in multidisciplinary metaphor scholarship that has been written in response to the growing interest among... Les mer