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Dialoger 85-86/2008
Dialoger behandlar relationen mellan vetenskap och konst och vill fördjupa diskussionen om arbete, språk, kultur och kunskap. Deltagare är bland... > Les mer
The Modern Philosophical Revolution
The Modern Philosophical Revolution breaks new ground by demonstrating the continuity of European philosophy from Kant to Derrida. Much of the... Les mer
An Introduction to Medieval Philosophy
By exploring the philosophical character of some of the greatest medieval thinkers, An Introduction to Medieval Philosophy provides a rich overview... Les mer
Theory of the Postwar Theories (Observations on Franco-German relations since 1945)
A new cultural-theoretical approach is used to develop a philosophy to overcome post-war traumata, or the traumatization effects that affect entire... Les mer
Friedrich Schleiermacher
Friedrich Schleiermacher's groundbreaking work in theology and philosophy was forged in the cultural ferment of Berlin at the convergence of the... Les mer
Plotinus on Sense-Perception
This book is a philosophical analysis of Plotinus’ views on sense-perception. It aims to show how his thoughts were both original and a development... Les mer
The Public Forum and Christian Ethics
This book addresses the question of the communication of Christian ethics in the public forum of liberal, pluralist societies. Drawing on debates in... Les mer
Kroppens idéhistorie: En grundbog
Alt har en historie, og kroppen - mennesket som krop - har både en naturhistorie (evolution; biologi, fysiologi etc.), en kulturhistorie... Les mer
Hegel’s Practical Philosophy
This fresh and original book argues that the central questions in Hegel's practical philosophy are the central questions in modern accounts of... Les mer
Hegemonin och den socialistiska strategin
Hegemonin och den socialistiska strategin (1985) är en klassiker inom den politiska teorin, en given referens­punkt för dagens samhällsdebatter... Les mer
Midler uten mål: Notater om politikk
Hva er et menneskeliv, og hva er politikkens oppgave? Slike fundamentale spørsmål er den italienske filosofen Giorgio Agamben opptatt av. Han... Les mer
Religion and Faction in Hume's Moral Philosophy
This book explores Hume’s concern with the destructiveness of religious factions and his efforts to develop, in his moral philosophy, a solution to... Les mer
I intend to do everything...to have one way of evaluating experience — does it cause me pleasure or pain, and I shall be very cautious about... Les mer
Ethics In Action: A Case-Based Approach
Through the analysis of forty ethical dilemmas drawn from real-life situations, Ethics in Action guides the reader through a process of moral... Les mer
Legal Positivism in American Jurisprudence
This book represents a serious and philosophically sophisticated guide to modern American legal theory, demonstrating that legal positivism has been... Les mer
Wittgenstein's Metaphysics
Wittgenstein’s Metaphysics offers an interpretation of the fundamental ideas of Ludwig Wittgenstein. It takes issue with the conventional view that... Les mer
Leibniz: An Intellectual Biography
Maria Rosa Antognazza’s pioneering biography provides a unified portrait of this unique thinker and the world from which he came. At the centre of... Les mer
Wartime Diary
Written from September 1939 to January 1941, Simone de Beauvoir’s Wartime Diary gives English readers unabridged access to one of the scandalous... Les mer
Samlede verker bind IX
30. juni 2008 foreligger niende og siste bindet av Platon samlede verker i norsk oversettelse. Med dette er hele Platons tekstkorpus overført fra... Les mer
The Apology Ritual
Christopher Bennett presents a theory of punishment grounded in the practice of apology, and in particular in reactions such as feeling sorry and... Les mer
Newton as Philosopher
Newton's philosophical views are unique and uniquely difficult to categorise. In the course of a long career from the early 1670s until his death in... Les mer
Against Throne and Altar
Modern republicanism - distinguished from its classical counterpart by its commercial character and jealous distrust of those in power, by its use of... Les mer
Medieval Jewish Philosophical Writings - Series
Medieval Jewish intellectuals living in Muslim and Christian lands were strongly concerned to recover what they regarded as a ‘lost’ Jewish... Les mer
The Cambridge Companion to the Philosophy of Biology
The philosophy of biology is one of the most exciting new areas in the field of philosophy and one that is attracting much attention from working... Les mer