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Before the Bauhaus
Before the Bauhaus re-evaluates the political, architectural, and artistic cultures of pre-World War I Germany. As contradictory and conflict-ridden... Les mer
London and the Culture of Homosexuality, 1885–1914
London and the Culture of Homosexuality explores the relationship between London and male homosexuality from the criminalization of all ‘acts of... Les mer
Theory of the Postwar Theories (Observations on Franco-German relations since 1945)
A new cultural-theoretical approach is used to develop a philosophy to overcome post-war traumata, or the traumatization effects that affect entire... Les mer
Socialism and Democracy in Czechoslovakia
This book is about the political, social and economic changes in Czechoslovakia in the years 1945– 1948. In 1945 the ‘national revolution’... Les mer
Catherine the Great and the Russian Nobilty
Russian Society in the eighteenth century was dominated by the nobility. This class made large contribution to secular culture and played a role of... Les mer
Theology and the Drama of History
How can theology think and talk about history? Building on the work of the major twentieth-century theologian Hans Urs von Balthasar as well as... Les mer
Ulrike Meinhof: En biografi
Varför vände den ansedda chefredaktören Ulrike Meinhof det borgerliga livet ryggen? Varför deltog hon år 1970 i den spektakulära fritagningen... Les mer
Black: The History of a Color
Black--favorite color of priests and penitents, artists and ascetics, fashion designers and fascists--has always stood for powerfully opposed ideas:... Les mer
Early American Women Critics
Early American Women Critics demonstrates that performances of various kinds - religious, political and cultural - enabled women to enter the human... Les mer
Ancient Rome and Modern America
Ancient Rome and Modern America explores the vital role the narratives and images of Rome have played in America's understanding of itself and its... Les mer
A History of Germany 1918-2008
The third edition of A History of Germany traces the dramatic social, cultural, and political tensions in Germany since 1918. Mary Fulbrook is... Les mer
Solon and Early Greek Poetry
The poetry of archaic Greece gives voice to the history and politics of the culture of that age. This book explores the types of history that have... Les mer
Nemesis: Kampen om Japan 1944-45
Det började med överraskningsattacken på Pearl Harbor 1941 och slutade i de fasansfulla atombomberna över Hiroshima och Nagasaki i augusti 1945.... Les mer
Human Capital
This book examines in detail the Russian government's policy of settling foreigners in European Russia during the last third of the eighteenth... Les mer
Vem var Adolf Hitler? Vem var mannen som ledde ett land och en hel värld rakt in i katastrof? Hitler var som ung man en ensling, en drömmare som... Les mer
A History of Modern Africa
A History of Modern Africa recounts the full breadth of historical events that have shaped the last two centuries of the African continent. Stresses... Les mer
Ideer om et universitet
Universitetet - det er jo kendetegnet af selvstyre, forskningsfrihed og ikke mindst enhed af forskning og undervisning. Eller hvad? De seneste år er... Les mer
Marxism in Russia
This book is a documentary record of the statements and debates that defined the formative period of a movement that has affected modern politics and... Les mer
Dagbok 1942-1944
Årets boksensasjon i Frankrike! Paris er okkupert. Hélène Berr er 21 år gammel, jøde og studerer engelsk ved Sorbonne. ”Jeg kjenner at en... Les mer
The Beginnings of Quakerism
This is an account, from the original sources, of the early history of Quakerism, founded in England at the time of the Puritan revolution and the... Les mer
Political Institutions under Dictatorship
Often dismissed as window-dressing, nominally democratic institutions, such as legislatures and political parties, play an important role in... Les mer
The Moral Mirror of Roman Art
This interdisciplinary study explores the meanings of mirrors and reflections in Roman art and society. When used as metaphors in Roman visual and... Les mer
Mahdis and Millenarians
Mahdis and Millenarians is a discussion of Shiite groups in eighth- and ninth-century Iraq and Iran, whose ideas reflected a mixture of indigenous... Les mer
Egyptian Mummies and Modern Science
Egyptian mummies have always aroused popular and scientific interest; however, most modern studies, although significantly increased in number and... Les mer