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21st-century Modernism: The New Poetics
What if, despite the current predominance of a tepid and unambitious Establishment poetry, there were a powerful avant-garde that takes up, once... Les mer
Prior to Meaning
Prior to Meaning collects a decade of writing on poetry, language, and the theory of writing by one of the most innovative and conceptually... Les mer
The Poetics of Indeterminacy
In her seminal study, first published in 1981, Marjorie Perloff argues that the map of Modernist poetry needs to be redrawn to include a central... Les mer
Oulipo: A Primer of Potential Literature
This is an amazing anthology of writings by members of the group known as Oulipo, including, among others, Italo Calvino, Harry Mathews, Georges... Les mer
A Poetics
This rich collection is far more than an important work of criticism by an extraordinary poet; it is a poetic intervention into criticism.... Les mer
Är och blir
Kristian Lundberg, född 1966 och tidigare medlem av poetgruppen Malmöligan, talar i denna passionerade långessä om sitt skrivande och om poesins... Les mer
Diktens tal
'Dikten man läser verkar enkel nog, orden enkla, grammatiken enkel, som i talat språk. Trots detta finns någonting i dikten som inte låter... Les mer
Om retrogardism
Clemens Altgård och Håkan Sandell lägger i denna bok fram sina tankar och åsikter om poesins väsen och funktion, tankar som har sin grund i... Les mer
What is Dada???
This volume collects together the Dada writings of Theo van Doesburg, the celebrated De Stijl architect. Apart from the title lecture these texts... Les mer
Oulipo Laboratory
The Oulipo was founded in 1960 by a group of leading French writers and mathematicians, it still meets regularly some thirty five years later, making... Les mer
DADA Almanac
"Dada Means Nothing!” So proclaimed Tristan Tzara, the movement’s tireless publicist. Yet this did not prevent the most fanatical and... Les mer