Bøker av Heinrich Boll

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Women in a River Landscape
In BÖll's last novel, politicians, bankers, and public relations men of the new postwar Germany cruise through the social murk seeking... Les mer
Absent without Leave
In these two novellas, Nobel laureate Heinrich BÖll uses strikingly different narrative techniques to portray World War II's impact on the... Les mer
The Safety Net
Fritz Tolm has risen to the top of a vast cartel of banking, industrial, and media interests--the most visible and powerful position in all of... Les mer
The Stories of Heinrich Boll
This volume collects sixty-three short stories and novellas written by Heinrich BÖll between 1947 and 1985. In brings together selections from... Les mer
The Train Was on Time
Published in 1949, The Train was on Time was Heinrich BÖll's first novel. Private Andreas, twenty-four, boards a troop train to return to his... Les mer
And Where Were You, Adam
Hitler's Wehrmacht is broken and demoralized, the end of the war is imminent--but still soldiers are rounded up and sent to the front, Jews are... Les mer
The Bread of Those Early Years
Torn by insecurity and cynicism, washing-machine repairman Walter Fendrich is obsessed with hunger, "the wolf living inside my stomach."... Les mer
In 1943 Wenk, a German soldier guarding the Normandy coast, finds himself in a war where the main enemies are loneliness and misery. Corruption is... Les mer
Missing Persons and Other Essays
The only collection of BÖll's nonfiction prose to be published in English, these twenty-nine essays, reviews, and speeches--including his 1972... Les mer
And Never Said a Word
First published in 1953, And Never Said a Word is one of Heinrich BÖll's richest works, a novel that explores marriage with depth and compassion.... Les mer