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ESP: Accumulation Sonnets
Poetry. In ESP: ACCUMULATION SONNETS, we "listen in" to hear language that usually passes through. MillAr asks: if you throw out the nets,... Les mer
Mycological Studies
Jay Millar's second collection of poems looks at the world of mushrooms through a kaleidoscope ofperspectives and styles, ranging from innovative and... Les mer
The Ghosts of Jay Millar
Jay used to have an ego, but had it surgically removed. Get bur'd by Alex Cayce; Perfectly Ordinary Dreams by James Llar; Short Ghosts by John... Les mer
BafterC Volume 2 Number 1
After more than 10 years in hiatus, it's back. BafterC originally ran it's first Volume of 4 issues in the early 90s and was edited by Jay and Hazel... > Les mer
Pissing Ice; An Anthology of 'New' Canadian Poets
This cheeky little anthology is 40 pages long from title page to colophon, and has been stapled and bound into printed folded wrappers, which are, of... Les mer
Lack Lyrics
Imagine the conflictual aesthetic that might arise out of being downsized from what essentially amounts to a dead-end job you don't find particularly... Les mer