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Vitruvius’ lodd
Vitruvius' lodd er en gjendiktning av The Plummet of Vitruvius, tredje bok i Keith Waldrops trilogi Transcendental Studies, som han mottok den... Les mer
Flat With No Key
A collaborative abecedary that granted the poets freedom to modify each other’s lines as long as they kept to the required word repetition. The... Les mer
Pegasus Descending
Out of print for thirty years, this hilarious and disgusting anthology is again available, complete and unexpurgated. The editors, hoping always for... Les mer
Ceci n'est pas Keith / Ceci n'est pas Rosmarie
These parallel reports from two writers long together (and occasionally collaborating) show characteristic differences, both of background and of... Les mer
Analogies of Escape
"Will we escape analogy," Claude Royet-Journoud asked. Does Analogies of Escape answer this question? Or does it rather use that famous line as the... Les mer
Poetry. "Waldrop examines how human memory works, how deeply implicated language constructs are in that process, and what purpose memory... Les mer