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Notes on Cosmology [a circus]
Notes on Cosmology [a circus] av Lisa robertson utgör en scen där språkets, erotikens och skriftens insekter uppträder på pappersarkets... Les mer
The Present Is Unfinished
Lisa Robertson er poet, født i Canada, nå bosatt i Frankrike. Hun debuterte med The Apothecary i 1991, og har siden utgitt en rekke... Les mer
Cinema of the Present
"Robertson proves hard to explain but easy to enjoy...Dauntlessly and resourcefully intellectual, Robertson can also be playful or blunt...She... Les mer
Theory, A Sunday
Collectively authored by Louky Bersianik, Nicole Brossard, France Théoret, Gail Scott, Louise Cotnoir, Louise Dupré, Lisa Robertson, and Rachel... Les mer
NILLING is a sequence of five loosely linked prose essays about noise, pornography, the codex, melancholy, Lucretius, folds, cities and related... Les mer
Occasional Work and Seven Walks From The Office For Soft Architecture
The guide to the 13 works and seven "walks" of this little book (4 1/8"×5 7/8") is the "Office for Soft... Les mer
Lisa Robertson’s Magenta Soul Whip
Poetry. Verses, essays, confessions, reports, translations, drafts, treatises, laments and utopias, 1995-2007. Collected by Elisa Sampedrin. Lisa... Les mer
First issued by Tsunami Editions in 1993, XECLOGUE is an exploration of the pleasures of the pastoral poetry from a late-twentieth-century feminist... Les mer
Debbie: An Epic
One of the more remarkable books of poetry to appear in a long time, Lisa Robertson's DEBBIE:AN EPIC was a finalist for the 1998 Governor... Les mer
The Apothecary
I want an ingenious fibre to be treated as funny tragedy expressing a classic argument against materialism which runs like this: which changes of... Les mer
The Men: A Lyric Book
In Vancouver as the dark winter tapered into spring I undertook to sing My life my body these words The men from a perspective. The Men is... Les mer