Bøker av Peter Sloterdijk

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Menneskedrivhuset er et fortettet og innholdsrikt essay som med utgangspunkt i Martin Heideggers filosofi forbinder eksistensialisme, menneskets... Les mer
Infinite Mobilization
The core of what we refer to as ‘the project of modernity’ is the idea that human beings have the power to bring the world under their control,... Les mer
What Happened in the Twentieth Century? Towards a Critique of Extremist Reason
When we look back from the vantage point of the 21st century and ask ourselves what the previous century was all about, what do we see? Our first... Les mer
I samme båt: Om hyperpolitikk
Tyske Peter Sloterdijk (f. 1947) har siden årtusenskiftet vært en internasjonalt toneangivende tenker rundt spørsmål om globalisering og... Les mer
The Aesthetic Imperative
In this wide-ranging book, renowned philosopher and cultural theorist Peter Sloterdijk examines art in all its rich and varied forms: from music to... Les mer
Regler for menneskeparken. Et svar på Heideggers Brev om humanismen
Med foredraget Regler for menneskeparken satte Peter Sloterdijk i 1999 den filosofiske tenkningen i direkte berøring med aktuelle fordringer innen... Les mer
Selected Exaggerations
Peter Sloterdijk s reputation as one of the most original thinkers of our time has grown steadily since the early 1980s. This volume of over thirty... Les mer
Foams: Spheres III
The final volume in Peter Sloterdijk's celebrated Spheres trilogy, on the phenomenology of community and its spatial peripheries. "So... Les mer
Stress and Freedom
In this short book Peter Sloterdijk offers a genealogy of the concept of freedom from Ancient Greece to the present day. This genealogy is part of a... Les mer
Nietzsche Apostle
Peter Sloterdijk's essay on Friedrich Nietzsche and the benefits and dangers of narcissistic jubilation.  For Peter Sloterdijk, Friedrich... Les mer
The Art of Philosophy
In his best-selling book You Must Change Your Life, Peter Sloterdijk argued exercise and practice were crucial to the human condition. In The Art of... Les mer
Du musst dein leben ändern
Für Peter Sloterdijk ist die Erde ein .Planet der Übenden.. Bauern, Arbeiter, Krieger, Schreiber, Yogi, Rhetoren, Instrumentalvirtuosen oder... Les mer
Neither Sun Nor Death
We shouldn’t forget that ancient philosophy used to be a mental workout in which logical forms were used like machines in a gym. . . . Philosophy... Les mer
Rage and Time
While ancient civilizations worshipped strong, active emotions, modern societies trend more toward peaceful, democratic processes. We have largely... Les mer
Derrida, an Egyptian
Offers a series of recontextualizations of Jacques Derrida's work by exploring the connections between Derrida and 7 major thinkers, including Hegel,... Les mer
Terror From the Air
According to Peter Sloterdijk, the twentieth century started on a specific day and place: April 22, 1915, at Ypres in Northern France. That day, the... Les mer
Thinker on stage
Thinker on Stage is Peter Sloterdijk's audacious, empathetic reading of Friedrich Nietzche's first published work, The Birth of Tragedy out of the... Les mer
Theory of the Postwar Theories (Observations on Franco-German relations since 1945)
A new cultural-theoretical approach is used to develop a philosophy to overcome post-war traumata, or the traumatization effects that affect entire... Les mer
Kritik af den kyniske fornuft
Sloterdijks monumentale og monstrøse værk er ikke til at slippe, når man først får begyndt. Her er ikke tale om en spidsfindig forkastelse af... Les mer
Critique Of Cynical Reason
Upon its publication in Germany in 1983, this author's book stirred both critical acclaim and consternation, attracting a wide readership. He finds... Les mer