We are many: Reflections on movement stategy from occupation to liberation

"A wonderful collection of questions and reflections on the state of the movement today, where we came from, and where we might be going. It is all too rare that in the process of creating the movement and living the moment, participants and thinkers step back and ask the most pressing questions. This book is an important step."?Marina Sitrin, Occupy Wall Street organizer and author of "Horizontalism"

We have all been swept up by the momentum of the Occupy movement. We have seen the results of years of organizing in different communities come together in ways that few could have imagined, bolstered by the scores of people who have left the comfort of their daily routine behind and taken to the streets. Yet as a movement so overflowing with new social and political actors, we lack the framework we need to help us all to understand what a social movement is, to understand how change has happened in the past, to understand what this moment means and what this movement makes possible.

"We Are Many "is a reflection on Occupy from within the heart of the movement itself. Examining key questions?what worked? what didn't? why? how? is it reproducible the authors and activists in this collection point toward a movement-based framework for future organizing. Heavily illustrated and annotated, "We Are Many "is a celebration of what worked, and a thoughtful analysis of what didn't.

Contributors include David Graeber, Yotam Marom, Tom Morello, Frances Fox Piven, Gan Golan, Cindy Milstein, Kristian Williams, Lisa Fithian, Lester Spence, Marisa Holmes, Max Rameau, Vijay Prashad, Josh MacPhee, Molly Crabapple, Micah Uetricht, CrimethInc., Team Colors, Bring the Ruckus, Picture the Homeless, and more.

    Kate Khatib (red.), Margaret Killjoy (red.), Mike Mcguire (red.): We are many: Reflections on movement stategy from occupation to liberation
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