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The Rebirth of the Older Child
Brita Bergland's poems fuse a sophisticated, Wittgensteinian sense of language with a predilection for the 'rural voice,' the 'whacky... Les mer
Not A Balancing Act
This remarkably intelligent and original first collection of poems is Not A Balancing Act because language can only supply an imaginary point, so... Les mer
Varieties of Religious Experience
Varieties of Religious Experience explores the indeterminate "margin" of residual memories and impulses as conceived by William James, to... Les mer
The Garment in Which No One Had Slept
An extraordinary first collection. With precision and exquisite craftsmanship, the poems chart the movement of a mind toward the point where thinking... Les mer
The Countess from Minneapolis
A sequence in verse and prose in which the spaces of the Mississippi and New York City yield a rich counterpoint. Born in North Carolina,... Les mer
The Fundamental Difference
Each poem in The Fundamental Difference is the visible light surrounding an event too close and too intense to be seen in... Les mer
Like Photo-realism in painting, these texts look deceptively like a return to representation until we realize that what is represented is already an... Les mer
Stare Decisis
In first grade, after an absence, I was sitting at the reading circle, silently pronouncing 'ka.nif' and 'ka.nit,' while a classmate... Les mer
Passing Duration
A meditative landscape populated and depopulated by real and allegorical episodes. It jolts us out of our habits and into play among meanings. We... Les mer
The Windows Flew Open
The prose sentence stands as the unseen authority behind these poems. But the poems acknowledge this norm by transgressing its linguistic conventions... Les mer
99: The New Meaning
5 texts that use collage as an instrument to probe the nature of fiction, narrative continuity, structure, tone, language, even the concept of... Les mer
Out of Bounds
A wonderfully inventive, formally bold long poem from the author of Cigarettes and The Sinking of the Odyadek Stadion. Formal experimentation reaches... Les mer
Twelve Parts of Her
Word groups in angular configurations, characters stressed together as a puppet show, a portrait without mug shots. Jena Osman is the author of... Les mer
After Calculus
"Surfaces pass through surfaces" in this short poetic sequence in which we witness a silence gradually gaining on the words which, although... Les mer
Going to the Mountain
Dallas Wiebe has spent all his life in the Midwest. Born in Newton, KS, he now lives in Cincinnati. "Wiebe has committed the ultimate... Les mer
Troubled by His Complexion
"It almost seems she not so much composes her stories, but like a spirit medium, discovers them from another place. It's kind of shadowy and... Les mer
Free Rein
A focus on language fuses with great rushes of energy, musical, sensual, a feeling of life connecting to more life. Everything is movement in Free... Les mer
Striking Resemblance
Four pieces which reflect Darragh's concern with the cross-fertilization of the formal and the personal. They investigate, for instance, the... Les mer
Life Moves Outside
Fables of naming whose tensions are shifts in sounds and intentions and whose paragraph planes may be heard as the advancing contours of one... Les mer
The Body Of Liberties
A poem sequence which takes its title from the First Body of Laws (1641) of the Massachusetts Bay Colony. It draws on such diverse texts as captivity... Les mer
The Virginia Woolf Poems
Three sequences drawn from Virginia Woolf's novels by Mac Low's "diastic" method which is described in the short essay, "The... Les mer
Broke Aide
A prose piece in two parts by the author of From another point of view the woman seems to be resting (Trike Press, 1981). Though the second part is... Les mer
Innocence in extremis
This offshoot from the author's novel, Adventures in the Alaskan Skin Trade, shows us innocence lost-not so much to experience as to the erotic... Les mer
"The poetry gleams with the kind of clarity that comes only from honing down to the necessary syllables ... the beauty is A's quiet... Les mer