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Sartre: A Philosophical Biography
Jean-Paul Sartre (1905-1980) was one of the most influential thinkers of the twentieth century. Regarded as the father of existentialist philosophy,... Les mer
The Value of Emily Dickinson
The Value of Emily Dickinson is the first compact introduction to Dickinson to focus primarily on her poems and why they have held and continue to... Les mer
Art as Plunder
This book examines the ancient origins of debate about art as cultural property. What happens to art in time of war? Who should own art, and what is... Les mer
Pliny’s Encyclopedia
The Elder Pliny’s Natural History is one of the largest and most extraordinary works to survive from antiquity. It has often been referred to as an... Les mer
Reading Heinrich Heine
Originally created in 2007, this is a comprehensive study of the nineteenth-century German poet Heinrich Heine. Anthony Phelan examines the complete... Les mer
Writing Against Revolution
Conservative culture in the Romantic period should not be understood merely as an effort to preserve the old regime in Britain against the threat of... Les mer
Proust, Beckett, and Narration
This a comprehensive comparison of the narrative techniques of two of the twentieth century’s most important writers of prose. Using a combination... Les mer
Formalism, Experience, and the Making of American Literature in the Nineteenth Century
Theo Davis offers a fresh account of the emergence of a national literature in the United States. Taking American literature's universalism as an... Les mer
The Cambridge Companion to the Epic
Every great civilisation from the Bronze Age to the present day has produced epic poems. Epic poetry has always had a profound influence on other... Les mer
A History of Russian Thought
The history of ideas has played a central role in Russia's political and social history. Understanding its intellectual tradition and the way the... Les mer
Rethinking the Western Understanding of the Self
Ulrich Steinvorth offers a fresh analysis and critique of rationality as a defining element in Western thinking. Steinvorth argues that Descartes’... Les mer
Luce Irigaray and the Philosophy of Sexual Difference
Alison Stone offers a feminist defence of the idea that sexual difference is natural, providing a novel interpretation of the later philosophy of... Les mer
The Cambridge Companion to Laurence Sterne
Best known today for the innovative satire and experimental narrative of Tristram Shandy (1759–67), Laurence Sterne was no less famous in his time... Les mer
The Persae of Aeschylus
The Persae is the oldest of surviving plays and its subject matter is unique in ancient drama, since it is concerned with a recent historical event,... Les mer
Medieval Latin and Romance Lyric to A.D. 1300
In this classic volume, first published in 1951, the two parallel literatures of the Middle Ages, the Latin and the vernacular, may be studied side... Les mer
Sodomy, Masculinity and Law in Medieval Literature
William Burgwinkle surveys poetry and letters, histories and literary fiction - including Grail romances - to offer a historical survey of attitudes... Les mer
Hitler’s War Poets
Jay W. Baird comes to grips with a theme which has been generally avoided by over two generations of scholars and literary critics. He argues that... Les mer
German Intellectuals and the Nazi Past
This book analyzes how West German intellectuals debated the Nazi past and democratic future of their country. Rather than proceeding event by event,... Les mer
Mikhail Bulgakov: A Critical Biography
When it was published this was the full, post-glasnost critical biography of Mikhail Bulgakov (1891–1940), a great comic writer whose works are... Les mer
Henry James and the Language of Experience
In Henry James and the Language of Experience, Collin Meissner examines the political dimension to the representation of experience as it unfolds... Les mer
John Milton's Aristocratic Entertainments
This book is a comprehensive account of Milton’s two aristocratic entertainments, Arcades and Comus in the context of their original occasions and... Les mer
Borges and the Kabbalah
The Argentinian Jorge Luis Borges was one of the most influential figures to emerge from the great blossoming of South American literature in the... Les mer
Epic and Empire in Nineteenth-Century Britain
In the nineteenth century, epic poetry in the Homeric style was widely seen as an ancient and anachronistic genre, yet Victorian authors worked to... Les mer
The Divine Sense
A. N. Williams examines the conception of the intellect in patristic theology from its beginnings in the work of the Apostolic Fathers to Augustine... Les mer