Age of Arousal

Age of Arousal is a lavish, sexy, frenetic ensemble piece about the forbidden and gloriously liberated self – genre-busting, rule-bending, and ambitiously original.

This edition will contain a substantial amount of contextual material: notes from the playwright and from director Karen Hines, and a series of essays on Victorian women’s politics, sexuality and pornography.

Mary: Rhoda and I will now give a demonstration of our secret weapon in the battle for equal opportunity. Behold the Remingtons!

Alice: Remingtons! I have heard of them.

Monica: Machines for the future –

Virginia: Glorious, yet appalling. When I look at them I feel I am disappearing into thin air. Where is the beauty of the handwritten note which tells so much? The handwritten note is personal, physical, of the body, of mortal flesh –

Alice: Virginia. You are not quite yourself.

Mary: And, to show off, yes women may show off, we will perform blindfolded. Alice, may I have your scarf?

Nøkkelord: Drama