Hippies and Bolsheviks and Other Plays

Hippies and Bolsheviks and Other Plays collects three works by one of Canada’s dramatic luminaries.

Hippies and Bolsheviks is set in that hotbed of hippie idealism, 1970s British Columbia. Young Star stumbles home from a Led Zeppelin concert with a draft dodger and sets in motion a crisis of love and of faith in their idealism against the Establishment.

In Lena’s Car, a woman whose marriage is on the verge of collapse reflects on how it got to that point, harkening back to a youth when things were both more simple and more complicated.

In The Wedding Pool, a group of dissatisfied single friends decide to each contribute fifty dollars a month to a pool to be collected by the first one to marry. But when one of the friends starts dating the bank teller who opens their account, the others are forced to confront their ideas about loneliness and personal responsibility.

The Wedding Pool is a particularly smart and entertaining example of the thirtysomething angst genre.’ – The Globe and Mail

‘If Hippies and Bolsheviks is any indication of the quality of work at this year’s playrites Festival, Calgary theatregoers are in for a phenomenal month.’– Calgary Sun

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