Manifestos Manifest

One of the great poets of the 20th Century, Vicente Huidobro was born in Chile in 1893. As a youth he traveled to Paris where he lived for many years, befriending both French and Spanish poets such a Guillaume Apollinaire, Pierre Reverdy, Juan Larrea and Jorge Luis Borges. His manifestos, which crystallized his poetics of Creationism, were published in French in 1925, the year in which he returned to Chile to become the editor of a newspaper. During this period he ran for the presidency of Chile, but was defeated, after which he returned to Paris, where he wrote novels and, in 1931, the poetic work Altazor.

Manifestos Manifest contains autobiographical reassessments of his writing, such as "Manifestos Manifest" and "Creationism", more typically manifesto-like statements such as "Futurism and Machinism" and "Manifestos Mayhaps," and comically inspired poetic prose pieces such as "The Poetry of the Poet." Through all these one cannot but hear the voice of this great poet, declaiming, exploring, proselytizing, remembering, and discovering.