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Portrait of Doom
In PORTRAIT OF DOOM, Marie Buck creates a cast of angsty heroes who speculate on their own bodies and the fucked-up, ever-shifting world around them.... Les mer
Terra Firmament
"With an enormous sense of hope checked by doubt fit to match it, Evan Kennedy demonstrates the heroic in a contemporary landscape. Not only are... Les mer
l.b.; or, catenaries
"The concatenated series of poems in Judith Goldman's L.B. chart the narratives formed by texts of uniform density hanging freely from two... Les mer
Mirrors For Gold
Arriving by vessels that landed at Vera Cruz in the sixteenth-century, conquistadors proffered mirrors to natives of Mexico in... Les mer
In this lively, entertaining collection of essays, Dodie Bellamy has written not only a helpful pedagogical tool, but an epic... Les mer
Scout: Text, images, voice
Norma Cole's multimedia CD-ROM, Scout, might be a memoir without the même or the map of a place in memory not yet come to. "The... Les mer
To Leveling Swerve
Ideological intention meets ideological surprise in To Leveling Swerve, Rodrigo Toscano's fourth book of poetry. While ... Les mer
Kim Rosenfield’s Trama is her first book since the award-winning Good Morning—Midnight— of 2001. Trama is both a... Les mer
Rumored Place
Rumored Place, Rob Halpern’s first book, combines a near confessional narrative of physical passion with the documentation... Les mer
Structures of Feeling
Hung Q. Tu’s poems push the mind into a nest of steel rods all hitting the surface of an unknown shape at the same moment:... Les mer
The Activist
The Activist begins in the middle of a revolution. There is a protesting group of commuters with a missing leader. There is a bridge... Les mer
Each of these poems attends the "dimension in a street" and the variation found there, below the "billboard's traffic ... Les mer
The Dirty Halo of Everything
Geoffrey Dyer’s Dirty Halo comes with intimately toned dreamscapes that demand, via no b.s. exuberance, that my imagination... Les mer
Tyrone Williams’ intensely moving first book bridges more gaps than many words (and careers) thrice as long: quiet humor to quiet... Les mer
Sugar Pill
How can a placebo heal? Maybe the way a poem does--by some power of mind. And indeed, a sugar pill, empirically ineffectual (as... Les mer
Sarah Anne Cox has written a startlingly fine book, prompted from the investigating intelligence of a philosopher-poet unswerved by... Les mer
Goan Atom
Caroline Bergvall is a poet based in England. She has had texts published in a range of magazines and anthologies in the UK and North... Les mer
Ogress Oblige
"Mam I shrieked there is not any problem." Shriek, slink, creep, thud: in Ogress Oblige, the "I" Lusk's verbs... Les mer
Argento Series
Kevin Killian, Long Island, meets Eileen Myles, Tim Dlugos 1979, San Francisco 1980, writing through cloud of sex, drugs, strong... Les mer
Microclimates is vast. Powered by an allegorizied critique of the saturated suburban self, it lacks the usual restraints. Its... Les mer
Daniel Davidson (1952-1996) came to writing late, emerging from punk music in the late 1980s as a poet of singular talent and... Les mer
Nude Memoir
A rehearsal in time for the dead ones as landscape (handbook) her book can't know how to tell you then turns and does a gloss on the Castle of O?... Les mer
A Knot Is Not a Tangle
Did someone say "The Runes of Western Civilization"? All the great heresies are here: poignant rhymes, literate feints... Les mer
Stacy Doris writes that her extraordinary book is very conservative. Who's she kidding? And why? Is it because her themes are love and poetic... Les mer