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The storyteller essays
A new translation of philosopher Walter Benjamin's work as it pertains to his famous essay, "The Storyteller," this collection includes short... Les mer
On The Abolition Of All Polictical
Simone Weil--philosopher, activist, mystic--is one of the most uncompromising of modern spiritual masters. In "On the Abolition of All Political... Les mer
We Have Only This Life to Live
"One of the most brilliant and versatile writers as well as one of the most original thinkers of the twentieth century." -Times (London)... Les mer
Slow Homecoming
Provocative, romantic, and restlessly exploratory, Peter Handke is one of the great writers of our time. Slow Homecoming, originally published in the... Les mer
Short letter, long farwell
Short Letter, Long Farewell is one the most inventive and exhilarating of the great Peter Handke’s novels. Full of seedy noir atmospherics and... Les mer
The Ivory Tower
Graham ("Gray") Fielder returns from Europe to the wealthy resort of Newport, Rhode Island to see his dying uncle Frank Betterman. Rosanna Gaw, the... Les mer