Collective Task

Writes Robert Fitterman: "In early 2006, I invited around 20 poets and artists to participate in a collective project; 12 of those invitees took me up on this offer and saw the project through to completion. In terms of purpose, criticality, and guidelines, I tried to say as little as possible; my hope was that the collective itself would discover a purpose along the way without any initial influence. My only framework was that each participant would offer us a 'task' on the first day of each new month and that the participants would respond to any or all of the tasks." Participants include: Tim Davis, Monica de la Torre, Stacy Doris, Robert Fitterman, Sabine Herrmann, Klaus Killisch, Carol Mirakove, Yedda Morrison, Kim Rosenfield, Lisa Sanditz, Rod Smith, and Juliana Spahr.


Vanessa Place at The Constant Critic

    Robert Fitterman (red.): Collective Task
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