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Kun lagervarer
Love and loss in the information age. The internet has collapsed the boundaries of time, space, and desire. However far apart lovers are, they can... Les mer
Political order and political decay
In The Origins of Political Order, Francis Fukuyama took us from the dawn of mankind to the French and American Revolutions. Here, he picks up the... Les mer
The Origins of Political Order
Nations are not trapped by their pasts, but events that happened hundreds or even thousands of years ago continue to exert huge influence on... Les mer
The piano teacher
Erika Kohut teaches piano at the Vienna Conservatory by day. By night she trawls the porn shows of Vienna. Until one day, into Erika's secretive,... Les mer
Kurt Janisch is an ambitious, but frustrated country policeman. But a country policeman gets talking to a lot of people in the line of duty -... Les mer
State Building
Weak or failed states - where no government is in control - are the source of many of the world's most serious problems, from poverty, AIDS and drugs... Les mer
Wonderful Wonderful Times
Written by the recipient of the 1986 Heinrich Boell Prize for German literature and the author of The Piano Teacher, this novel explores the darker... Les mer