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Politics as Sound
Uncompromising and innovative, hardcore punk in Washington, DC, birthed a new sound and nurtured a vibrant subculture aimed at a specific segment of... Les mer
Feminist Writings
By turns surprising and revelatory, this sixth volume in the Beauvoir Series presents newly discovered writings and lectures while providing new... Les mer
Pre-Gay L.A.
This book explores the origins and history of the modern American movement for homosexual rights, which originated in Los Angeles in the late 1940s... Les mer
Wartime Diary
Written from September 1939 to January 1941, Simone de Beauvoir’s Wartime Diary gives English readers unabridged access to one of the scandalous... Les mer
The Uberreader
For twenty years Avital Ronell has stood at the forefront of the confrontation between literary study and European philosophy. She has tirelessly... Les mer
Crack Wars
Ronell uses culturally acceptable addictions such as romance novels, gasoline and more to ask why "there is no culture without drug... Les mer
Originally published in 1848, Edgar Allen Poe's "Eureka" stands as the single most important expression of the philosophic views on... Les mer
Fighting Theory
International interest in the work of Avital Ronell has expressed itself in reviews, articles, essays, and dissertations. For Fighting Theory,... Les mer