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Three Film Collaborations Between Sweden & China
Vision Forum Film is very proud to announce the catalogue "Vision Forum Film Three Film Collaborations between Sweden and China."It looks... Les mer
Travels is an artist book that explores and investigates travels, an activity inseparably connected with art and creativity. Invited people... Les mer
The Imminent Interviews
The Imminent Interviews, with a text by Cecilia Canziani, interviews by Wang Dan and Li Xiaofei; Language: English and Chinese, published by Fei... Les mer
(In)visible dialogues
(In)visible dialogues, Edited by Elias Arnér and Per Hüttner, 240 pages, design by Åbäke with contributions by A Constructed World, Richard... Les mer
The Quantum Police
Valerie Lambert Gallery in Brussels, Belgium hosted the culmination of Quantum Police (QP) events which also took place in Stockholm, Sweden and... Les mer
The Invisible Generation
The Invisible Generation, ed. Gerrie van Noord, design Marie Proyard, with texts by Gerrie van Noord, Daniele Balit and Olav Westphalen. Published by... Les mer