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The Chinese Pleasure Book
This book takes up one of the most important themes in Chinese thought: the relation of pleasurable activities to bodily health and to the health of... Les mer
Into the White
European narratives of the Atlantic New World tell stories of people and things: strange flora, wondrous animals, and sun-drenched populations for... Les mer
Bob Dylan’s Poetics
Bob Dylan’s reception of the 2016 Nobel Prize for Literature has elevated him beyond the world of popular music, establishing him as a major modern... Les mer
Perfection’s Therapy
Albrecht Dürer’s master engraving, Melencolia I, has stood for centuries as a pictorial summa of knowledge about melancholia and an allegory of... Les mer
Forensic Architecture
In recent years, a little-known research group named Forensic Architecture began using novel research methods to undertake a series of investigations... Les mer
1668: The Year of the Animal in France
Peter Sahlins’s brilliant new book reveals the remarkable and understudied “animal moment” in and around 1668 in which authors (including La... Les mer
The emergence of objectivity in the mid-nineteenth-century sciences, as revealed through images in scientific atlases-a story of how lofty epistemic... Les mer
Theory of Religion
Theory of Religion brings to philosophy what Georges Bataille’s earlier book The Accursed Share brought to anthropology and history, namely, an... Les mer
Remnants of Auschwitz
In this book the Italian philosopher Giorgio Agamben looks closely at the literature of the survivors of Auschwitz, probing the philosophical and... Les mer
Wonders and the Order of Nature, 1150–1750
A rich exploration of how European naturalists used wonder and wonders (oddities and marvels) to envision and explain the natural world. Winner of... Les mer
The Accursed Share: Volumes II & III
The three volumes of The Accursed Share address what Georges Bataille sees as the paradox of utility: namely, if being useful means serving a further... Les mer
War in the Age of Intelligent Machines
In the aftermath of the methodical destruction of Iraq during the Persian Gulf War, the power and efficiency of new... Les mer
The Accursed Share Volume I
In this important work, Georges Bataille uses his novel economic theory as the basis for an incisive inquiry into the... Les mer