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The Cambridge Companion to the Epic
Every great civilisation from the Bronze Age to the present day has produced epic poems. Epic poetry has always had a profound influence on other... Les mer
Ordet og makten i Russland
I dette småskriftet presenterer Peter Normann Waage noe av den historiske og aktuelle bakgrunnen for ytringsfrihetens kår og vilkår i Russland.... Les mer
The Cambridge Introduction to Edith Wharton
Born in New York into a world of wealth and privilege, and writing with unique insight into the lives of the rich and fashionable, Edith Wharton was... Les mer
John Milton's Aristocratic Entertainments
This book is a comprehensive account of Milton’s two aristocratic entertainments, Arcades and Comus in the context of their original occasions and... Les mer
Milton and Ecology
In Milton and Ecology, Ken Hiltner engages with literary, theoretical, and historic approaches to explore the ideological underpinnings of our... Les mer
Borges and the Kabbalah
The Argentinian Jorge Luis Borges was one of the most influential figures to emerge from the great blossoming of South American literature in the... Les mer
Voices of the Nation
Throughout the nineteenth century, American fiction displayed a fascination with women’s speech - describing how women’s voices sound, what... Les mer
Milton and Gender
Milton’s contempt for women has been accepted since Samuel Johnson’s famous Life of the poet. Subsequent critics have long debated whether... Les mer
Redefining Elizabethan Literature
Redefining Elizabethan Literature examines the new definitions of literature and authorship that emerged in one of the most remarkable decades in... Les mer
Sodomy, Masculinity and Law in Medieval Literature
William Burgwinkle surveys poetry and letters, histories and literary fiction - including Grail romances - to offer a historical survey of attitudes... Les mer
A History of Korean Literature
This is a comprehensive narrative history of Korean literature. It provides a wealth of information for scholars, students and lovers of literature.... Les mer
Samuel Beckett and the Postcolonial Novel
Samuel Beckett has long been seen as a distinctly ‘apolitical’ and ‘ahistorical’ writer, but this reputation fails to do him justice. Placing... Les mer
Lucretian Receptions
Lucretius’ De Rerum Natura, one of the greatest Latin poems, worked a powerful fascination on Virgil and Horace, and continued to be an important... Les mer
The Poetry of Chartism
Between 1838 and 1852, the leading Chartist newspaper, the Northern Star, published over 1,000 poems written by more than 350 poets - as the... Les mer
The Cambridge History of Canadian Literature
From Aboriginal writing to Margaret Atwood, this is a complete English-language history of Canadian writing in English and French from its... Les mer
From Modernism to Postmodernism
In this overview of twentieth-century American poetry, Jennifer Ashton examines the relationship between modernist and postmodernist American... Les mer
American Literary Realism, Critical Theory, and Intellectual Prestige, 1880–1995
Focusing on key works of late nineteenth- and early twentieth-century American literary realism, Phillip Barrish traces the emergence of new ways of... Les mer
The Novel of the Spanish Civil War (1936–1975)
This is a major English study of the novels of the Spanish Civil War. The book is based on an analysis of some eighty Spanish novels, written in... Les mer
Russian Literature, Modernism and the Visual Arts
In the Russian modernist era, literature threw itself open to influences from other art forms, most particularly the visual arts. Collaborations... Les mer
Graphic Design, Print Culture, and the Eighteenth-Century Novel
The uniformity of the eighteenth-century novel in today’s paperbacks and critical editions no longer conveys the early novel’s visual exuberance.... Les mer
Norsk litterær kanon
Hva er en kanon? Hvilke verker tilhører den norske litterære kanon? For første gang i Norge foreligger en offisiell litterær kanon, og de 25... Les mer
Imagining Equality in Nineteenth-Century American Literature
The theme of inequality has often dominated academic criticism, which has been concerned with identifying, analyzing, and demystifying various... Les mer
Journalism and the Novel
Literary journalism is a rich field of study that has played an important role in the creation of the English and American literary canons. In this... Les mer
Slutet av 1960- och början av 1970-talet var turbulenta år i den svenska bokbranschens historia, då det talades om en förlagskris. Ekonomiska... Les mer