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Hermeneutisk lesebok
De viktigste forfatterskap fra tre århundrers hermeneutikk er her samlet for første gang på norsk. Utvalget spenner fra klassisk teksthermeneutikk... Les mer
Prosopopeia 2-3/2010: Nihilisme
Fra innholdet: Henrik Ueland om Stig Sæterbakkens tredjestedspoetikk / Torstein Krossnes om filosofisk nihilisme / Carina Elisabeth Beddari... > Les mer
Soul and Form
György Lukács was a Hungarian Marxist philosopher, writer, and literary critic who shaped mainstream European Communist thought. Soul and Form was... Les mer
Nicole Brossard: Essays on Her Works
Presenting poems by Nicole Brossard, this collection includes essays that critically appreciate her poetry, nine novels, and works of theory and... Les mer
The Cambridge Introduction to J. M. Coetzee
The South African novelist and Nobel Laureate J. M. Coetzee is widely studied around the world and attracts considerable critical attention. With the... Les mer
The Cambridge Introduction to Edith Wharton
Born in New York into a world of wealth and privilege, and writing with unique insight into the lives of the rich and fashionable, Edith Wharton was... Les mer
John Milton's Aristocratic Entertainments
This book is a comprehensive account of Milton’s two aristocratic entertainments, Arcades and Comus in the context of their original occasions and... Les mer
Milton and Ecology
In Milton and Ecology, Ken Hiltner engages with literary, theoretical, and historic approaches to explore the ideological underpinnings of our... Les mer
Borges and the Kabbalah
The Argentinian Jorge Luis Borges was one of the most influential figures to emerge from the great blossoming of South American literature in the... Les mer
The Ethics of Modernism
What was the ethical perspective of modernist literature? How did Yeats, Eliot, Joyce, Woolf and Beckett represent ethical issues and develop their... Les mer
Milton and Gender
Milton’s contempt for women has been accepted since Samuel Johnson’s famous Life of the poet. Subsequent critics have long debated whether... Les mer
Dante and the Franciscans
Nick Havely examines the connections between Dante, the Franciscans and the Papacy as they appear in the Commedia and presents the poem as one... Les mer
Henry James and the Language of Experience
In Henry James and the Language of Experience, Collin Meissner examines the political dimension to the representation of experience as it unfolds... Les mer
Henry James and the Culture of Publicity
This book examines the relationship between the writings of Henry James and the historical formation of mass culture. Throughout his career, James... Les mer
Redefining Elizabethan Literature
Redefining Elizabethan Literature examines the new definitions of literature and authorship that emerged in one of the most remarkable decades in... Les mer
D. H. Lawrence and the Bible
The Bible, as this book demonstrates, plays a key role in nearly all D. H. Lawrence’s work. It supplies not only the inspiration but on occasion... Les mer
Cosmopoiesis: Renessansens prosjekt
Giuseppe Mazzotta (f. 1942), professor i italiensk ved Yale University, er berømt for sine nylesninger av klassikere som Dante, Petrarca, Boccaccio... Les mer
Coleridge, Philosophy and Religion
Coleridge’s relation to his German contemporaries constitutes the toughest problem in assessing his standing as a thinker. For the last... Les mer
The Revolution in the Visual Arts and the Poetry of William Carlos Williams
The formation of Modernist literature took place in a cultural climate characterised by an unprecedented collaboration between painters, sculptors,... Les mer
Dante and Renaissance Florence
Simon Gilson explores Dante’s reception in his native Florence between 1350 and 1481. He traces the development of Florentine civic culture and the... Les mer
Philosophical Chaucer
Mark Miller’s innovative study argues that Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales represent an extended mediation on agency, autonomy and practical reason.... Les mer
Om lesning
Filosofen John Ruskin (1819-1900) var på sin tid en meget lest engelsk forfatter. Han skrev bl.a. et essay om dannelsen... Les mer
Sodomy, Masculinity and Law in Medieval Literature
William Burgwinkle surveys poetry and letters, histories and literary fiction - including Grail romances - to offer a historical survey of attitudes... Les mer
Artiklar om litteratur
Artiklar om litteratur er eit breitt oplagt og djuptpløyande tilskot til kunnskap og debatt kring nynorsk kultur og litteraturhistorie og ei rad... Les mer