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Og vi står i kø for å dø
I 1998 blir Mark Holmes, kjent som Earth, funnet død. Han ble bundet, voldtatt og torturert, før noen heller bensin på ham og tenner på. Politiet... Les mer
Listen to the Golden Boomerang Return
Listen to the Golden Boomerang Return is a comissioned work written for Møllebyen Litteraturfestival 2022. It is published by... Les mer
Amanda Paradise
Former United States Poet Laureate Tracy K. Smith wrote in the New York Times, “CAConrad's poems invite the reader to become an agent in a joint... Les mer
The Dead Animal Handbook
The Dead Animal Handbook is a field guide to contemporary American poetry. Collecting and compiling emerging and established writers from a range of... Les mer
While Standing in Line for Death
Winner of the 30th Annual Lambda Literary Award for Gay Poetry"From these rituals come notes; from those notes come poems; and from those poems comes... Les mer
Circle M
CAConrad did 36 rituals a day for 36 days in Marfa, Texas, taking notes between each ritual, the notes harvested later for the poems contained here... Les mer
Translating Translating Apollinaire
Newly reprinted in a facsimile edition, this long-out-of-print 1979 cult classic presents the first poem bpNichol ever published (“Translating... Les mer
The book of Frank
Frank grew crows for hands it was a difficult childhood Praised by poet Anne Waldman as a “voyeuresque surreal portrait,” The Book of Frank... Les mer
A Beautiful Marsupial Afternoon
"He's a poet for our time like Ginsberg was for his."--Eileen Myles "Conrad's work shows us that the body itself is the first source of alienation... Les mer
Advanced Elvis Course
Part psychedelic road-trip travelogue, part "Overheard in Graceland," part mystic-religious devotional, CAConrad's unabated love for the King puts... Les mer
Listed in The Boston Globe's Best Poetry Books of 2014 Finalist for the Lambda Literary Award in Gay Poetry Winner of The Believer Poetry Award "The... Les mer
Boka til Frank
CAConrad hører til en poesiscene med etablerte navn som Eileen Myles og yngre, stigende stjerner som Julian T. Brolaski og Ariana Reines. Alle disse... Les mer
Tidsskriftet Beijing Trh # 3
2015 HAR VÆRT ET GODT ÅR for poesien i Norge. Ikke bare har et respektabelt antall debutanter levert diktsamlinger av høy kvalitet i løpet av... > Les mer
Beijing Trondheim #1
Beijing Trondheim er et nytt litteraturtidsskrift med redaksjonelt sete i Trondheim. I vårt første nummer presenterer vi tekster av unge debutanter... > Les mer
A Megaphone
Literary Nonfiction. Feminist Studies. Poetics. A MEGAPHONE collects a number of enactments that Juliana Spahr and Stephanie Young did between the... Les mer