Bøker av Charles Bernstein

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De svåra dikterna anfaller, eller Högt spel i tropik-erna
Den första samlingen med Charles Bernsteins texter i svensk översättning, det komplexa, humoristiska, tonfallsrika och oupphörligt växlande... Les mer
Runouden puolustus
Runouden puolustus. Runoja ja esseitä kahdelta vuosituhannelta (A Defence of Poetry. Poems and essays from two millenia) is a book by Charles... Les mer
Shadowtime is a thought opera based on the work and life of the German philosopher, essayist, and cultural critic, Walter Benjamin. The libretto was... Les mer
The sophist
"The Sophist" was first published by Sun & Moon Press in 1987 and has been unavailable for well over a decade. A pivotal book for... Les mer
Content’s Dream: Essays 1975-1984
Content's Dream: Essays 1975-1984 is the celebrated introduction to language poetry by one of its leading practitioners. First published in 1986 and... Les mer
My Way: Speeches and Poems
In My Way, (in)famous language poet and critic Charles Bernstein deploys a wide variety of interlinked forms—speeches and poems, interviews and... Les mer
A Poetics
This rich collection is far more than an important work of criticism by an extraordinary poet; it is a poetic intervention into criticism.... Les mer
Close Listening
Close Listening and the Performed Word brings together seventeen strikingly original essays, especially written for this volume, on the poetry... Les mer
Olivier Cadiot’s Red, Green and Black
Red, Green & Black is almost (just about, quite like, virtually, similar to) a translation of Cadiot’s French "original," with this... Les mer