Runouden puolustus

Runouden puolustus. Runoja ja esseitä kahdelta vuosituhannelta (A Defence of Poetry. Poems and essays from two millenia) is a book by Charles Bernstein in Finnish, edited and translated (for the most part) by Leevi Lehto - but also featuring translations by Markku Into, Teemu Manninen, Tuomas Nevanlinna, Tommi Nuopponen, and Aki Salmela. Published in the poEsia series of poetry books (a joint venture by Kirja kerrallaan and Poetry Society Nihil Interit).

Contents in English: Foreword by Leevi Lehto, A Defence of Poetry, The Only Utopia Is In a Now, Ballet Russe, "is like a", Palukaville, As If the Trees by Their Very Roots Had Hold of Us, Senses of Responsibilty, March, Type, New Year's, Contradiction Turns to Rivalry, The Klupzy Girl, Boy Soprano, Forefright, Dysraphism, Voyage of Life, The Harbour of Illusion, A Test of Poetry, Solidarity Is the Name We Give to What We Cannot Hold, Targets Of Opportunity, Sunset Sail, Artifice Of Absorption, Emotions of Normal People, A View From Nowhere, Besotted Desquamation, Claire-in-the-Building, Memories, Thank You For Saying Thank You, The Republic of Reality, In Particular, This Poem Intentionally Left Blank, "The Four Saluts", Johnny Cake Hollow, Sane As Tugged Vat, Your Love, Sunset At Quaquaversal Point, Flame In Your Heart, Dew And Die, Laurel's Eyes, War Stories, The Warble of the Ammonia-Bellied Barkeep, The Bricklayer's Arms,

Nøkkelord: Poesi

    Charles Bernstein: Runouden puolustus
  • Forlag: Kirja kerrallaan
  • Utgivelsesår: 2006
  • Kategori: Poesi
  • Oversetter: Leevi Lehto
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  • Antall sider: 254
  • ISBN: 9524800411
  • Innbinding: Heftet