The Golden Toenails of Ambrosio P

A situation: “Midnight. A locked door. The window sealed with a lattice of eyes. The tinkling countess. The nimble massage of Ambrosio P. The shrill squawks of 400 hermaphrodites. The metamorphosis of the butler.” Resolution: a detective story of surpassing strangeness.

Cecil Helman was born in Cape Town, South Africa in 1944, and qualified as a doctor at the University of Cape Town. He moved to London in 1969 where he qualifie as a social anthropologist at University College.

He has published two books: The Exploding Newspaper and other fables (Menard Press, 1980), and Culture, Health and Illness: An introduction for health professionals (John Wright, 1984 & 1990). He works as a doctor in Primary Health Care and Medical Anthropology.