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Ett år i Belarus
Hösten 2020 bröt protester ut i Belarus. Människor hade fått nog av diktaturen under Aljaksandr Lukasjenka, av bristen på yttrandefrihet,... Les mer
The Punishments of Hell
The first prose work by Robert Desnos initially appears to be a roman à clef, except that would imply the sort of conventional narrative that is... Les mer
Some Limericks
Some Limericks has the dubious distinction of being one of the most frequently pirated books of all time. Since its first appearance in 1928 illegal... Les mer
"It is not every day we get a thesis such as Céline wrote on Semmelweis!" – Henry Miller, The Books in My Life Louis-Ferdinand Céline... Les mer
Cantatrix Sopranica L., Scientific Papers
Georges Perec (1936-1982) became the most celebrated French writer of his generation, his novel Life A User’s Manual winning the Prix Médicis in... Les mer
The Philosophers’ Madonna
This short novel, originally published in 1931, by the author of two of the classics of 20th-century Italian prose (That Awful Mess on Via Merulana,... Les mer
Oulipo Compendium
What do Marcel Duchamp and Italo Calvino have in common? The Oulipo, or Ouvroir de Littérature Potentielle. This “Workshop for Potential... Les mer
Cable Factory 20
Lytle Shaw has published four poetry chapbooks, two in collaboration with the artist Emile Clark, with whom he edits Shark, a... Les mer
Encyclopaedia Acephalica
The ideas of Georges Bataille (1897-1962) are being increasingly recognised as offering vital insights into the whole areas of human existence, and... Les mer
4 Dada Suicides
Writings by Arthur Cravan, Jacques Rigaut, Julien Torma & Jacques Vaché. With Introductions and biographical essays on each author. This book,... Les mer
The Man of Jasmine
In 1970, Unica Zürn, the companion and lover of the Surrealist artist Hans Bellmer, threw herself from the sixth floor window of their apartment in... Les mer
The German contribution to the Dada movement (“DADA MEANS NOTHING!” proclaimed Tristan Tzara) as it unfolded in Zurich during the first World War... Les mer
Caesar Antichrist
Caesar Antichrist was Jarry’s second book, published in a luxurious limited edition, carefully illustrated by the author. The text, partly based... Les mer
On the metaphysics of aggression
This text constitutes the author’s afterword to the fall of jerusalem. This pamphlet offprint of 500 copies was produced to coincide with the first... Les mer
The Way Home
This selection of Harry Mathews’s longer prose writings attests his innovative genius in seven radically differing works: Country Cooking in... Les mer
Three Early Novels
This second volume of the Collected Works presents three early novels: Days and Nights, a semi-autobiographical novel whose protagonist deserts... Les mer
The Antliaclasts
Two splendidly adolescent plays by Monsieur Alfred Henri Jarry, the second graphically interpreted by Henry Meyer, Director of the Centre du... Les mer
The Night of Lead
Self-revelations after time and death, an extraordinary novella from the oddest of the German Expressionists whose works are undergoing a complete... Les mer
The Golden Toenails of Ambrosio P
A situation: “Midnight. A locked door. The window sealed with a lattice of eyes. The tinkling countess. The nimble massage of Ambrosio P. The... Les mer
Marcel Duchamp: A Life In Pictures
A must for Duchamp devotees everywhere! This little introduction to the life and works of Marcel Duchamp was originally published to accompany a... Les mer
The Golden Bomb
The German and Austrian Expressionists of the first two decades of the twentieth century constituted one of the truest and most energetic avant-garde... Les mer
The Diamond in the Grass
In former times, life was like a book of some kind: it was necessary to leave some pages blank. This aphorism was the second of threee such remarks... Les mer
The Deliquescences of Adoré Floupette
A collection of Decadent poems, with an extended Life of the Poet, which was published originally in 1885, only for it to become apparent in short... Les mer
What is Dada???
This volume collects together the Dada writings of Theo van Doesburg, the celebrated De Stijl architect. Apart from the title lecture these texts... Les mer