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Corporate Relations
A look at the constitutional history of corporate personhood in the United States. Although the Supreme Court Case Citizens United vs. United States... Les mer
Airport music
The book plays in the tension between impalpable "air" and solid "port," between a single focus (Sean Scully's stripes) and... Les mer
My Lorenzo
Poetry. Translated from the French by Andrew Zawacki. Introduction by Jennifer Moxley. MY LORENZO is an elegant, funny, often sad meditation on the... Les mer
The Last of the Egyptians
«About Champollion I knew: that he did not go to Egypt with Napoleon, that he never saw the actual Rosetta stone, only more or less bad copies, that... Les mer
This Is What Happens When Talk Ends
There are 8 sets of 8 poems. All poems within a set follow the vowel pattern of a particular passage from Shakespeare. They could be called... Les mer
to refrain from embracing
With linguistic sophistication and a great deal of self-irony and humor, Rinck sets in tension the most disparate ideas “along with their... Les mer
As We Are Sung
This first book by a trained vocalist explores the transformation from "I am speaking" to "I am singing," and where exactly... Les mer
Four Cut-Ups, or, the Case of the Restored Volume
Real and fictional characters (Mrs. Lindbergh, Gertrude Stein, William Burroughs, Billy Budd or the Kid) circulate through the four parts of ... Les mer
engulf -- enkindle
Anja Utler’s poems touch the ground where feeling and thinking begin to take form and burst from the body, burst into language. Their interweaving... Les mer
Martenson's poems are narratives of thinking. They are landscapes in which abstract concepts have the presence and force of physical objects--you may... Les mer
Life of a Star
Fiction. An actress of sorts, a woman recalls her childhood, longs for her absent lover, imagines traveling overseas, and wanders through gardens and... Les mer
absolute bob
bob, a brave little guy (joker, operator, sheer energy?) bops in the manner of a video-game through the ways a poem inhabits sense or nonsense,... Les mer
Language Death Night Outside
An “I” between languages. A text between the genres of poem and novel. 3 cities, 3 poems, 3 philosophers. The Austrian grandfather’s death... Les mer
Hurry Home Honey
These love poems are unusual for their sense of moving between cultures, their awareness of physical space as articulated by the intersection of... Les mer
New Depths of Deadpan
Poetry. Should the two masks that represent Comedy and Tragedy pass through each other (imagine a total eclipse), might not their overlapping... Les mer
16 New (to American Readers) German Poets
A magazine issue with poems by Ann Cotton, Franz Josef Czernin, Michael Donhauser, Ute Eisinger, Daniel Falb, Hendrik Jackson, Marget Kreidl, Bert... Les mer
Flat With No Key
A collaborative abecedary that granted the poets freedom to modify each other’s lines as long as they kept to the required word repetition. The... Les mer
Quisite Moment
As Anne Portugal has said, her poetry breaks with elevated subjects as well as with the beauty of phrases. “Poetry is is a laboratory of languages.... Les mer
Brief Under Water
Brief Under Water is a sequence of 55 short passages that uses prose narrative as a design element in a larger lyric structure. The title refers to... Les mer
You Are The Business
You Are The Business is a new book by Caroline Dubois, a Parisian poet who teaches at the Ecole des Beaux-Artsand who has translated Norma Cole and... Les mer
Dwelling examines the relationship between space and the events and objects that exist within it. Using T.S. Eliot's favored device of objective... Les mer
Secret of Breath
Secret of Breath is a suite for two voices — a voice from outside and a voice from inside, a voice of the living and a voice of the dying — in a... Les mer
An Earth of Time
Written while Jean Grosjean was a prisoner in the Second World War, Terre du temps, his first book, was published by Gallimard in 1946 and attracted... Les mer
Perspective Would Have Us
Perspective Would Have Us enters dreams, films, foreign countries as so many fields of radiation with the power to mutate the forms of what we know... Les mer