Poetry. A book-length poem with the rhythms of Don Cherry and John Chicai and the vision of Charles Olson, all held in tension against silence. "POEM ABOUT MUSIC is a book-length poem where the tension and repose is controlled by an exaggerated use of white space: a technique suggestive of the silences in music. It is a poem like the music it is about, in that it is open to various interpretations while at the same time its aesthetics can be appreciated without paraphrasing comment"--L.W.Kimmel.

Author City: Lewes, East Sussex UNK

Anthony Barnett is an editor and musician. He is the author of many publications, including THE RESTING BELL (1987), ANTONYMS & OTHERS (2012), POEMS & (2012) and TRANSLATIONS (2012), all from Allardyce, Barnett, Publishers. He published the original edition of J. H. Prynne's Poems and edited Veronica Forrest-Thomson's Collected Poems. He serves as editor to Fable Bulletin: Violin Improvisation Studies, and is a contributor to the second editions of New Grove Dictionary of Music & Musicians and of Jazz.

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