A Student Grammar of Modern Standard Arabic

This accessible grammar provides a concise and user-friendly guide to the structure of Modern Standard Arabic. Using familiar terminology and keeping theory to a minimum, it is suitable for beginning students as well as those at a more advanced level. Detailed descriptions of all types of sentence are given, and numerous tables provide a clear presentation of verbs and nouns. The most familiar grammatical terms are given in Arabic as well as in English in order to help the student identify them, and the index is also presented in both languages for fast and straightforward cross referencing. Each pattern or rule described is illustrated with authentic examples from a range of real-life contexts such as newspapers, magazines, business communication and the Internet, as well as from Arabic literary texts. Clearly organised and practical, this book will be an invaluable reference resource for all learners and teachers of Modern Standard Arabic.

• Very accessible and not overloaded with theory, so suitable for beginners • Focuses on contemporary Arabic as spoken in the world today • Many user-friendly features such as tables, summaries, and an Arabic/English index for fast cross-referencing


1. Sound verbs; 2. Derived forms of the verbs; 3. Hamzated verbs; 4. Doubled verbs; 5. Weak verbs; 6. Assimilated verbs; 7. Hollow verbs; 8. Defective verbs; 9. Nouns; 10. Syntax; 11. Types of sentences; 12. Cardinal numbers; 13. Ordinal numbers.


\'The author has accomplished the noble goal of user-friendliness, while simultaneously presenting numerous intricate, interwoven details, and this, in and of itself, makes it an ideal text for a course in the structure of MSA.\' WORD