Introducing Speech and Language Processing

This major new textbook provides a clearly-written, concise and accessible introduction to speech and language processing. Assuming knowledge of only the very basics of linguistics and written specifically for students with no technical background, it is the perfect starting point for anyone beginning to study the discipline. Students are introduced to topics such as digital signal processing, speech analysis and synthesis, finite-state machines, automatic speech recognition, parsing and probabilistic grammars, and are shown from a very elementary level how to work with two programming languages, C and Prolog. The accompanying CD-ROM contains all the software described in the book, along with a C compiler, Prolog interpreter and sound file editor, thus providing a self-contained, one-stop resource for the learner. Setting a firm grounding in speech and language processing and an invaluable foundation for further study, Introducing Speech and Language Processing is set to become the leading introduction to the field.

• Written for readers with a non-technical background, thus introducing them to technical concepts from scratch • Comes complete with all the software needed • Provides a solid foundation for further study in speech and language processing


1. Introduction; 2. Sounds and numbers; 3. Digital filters and resonators; 4. Frequency analysis and linear predictive coding; 5. Finite state machines; 6. Introduction to speech recognition techniques; 7. Probabilistic finite-state models; 8. Parsing; 9. Using probabilistic grammars.


‘An excellent book for beginners in linguistics and speech science with PC experience but no programming knowledge.’ Yoshinori Sagisaka, GITI Waseda University, Japan, and Editor-in-Chief, Speech Communication

\'In conclusion, Coleman has produced an excellent textbook and one which will be extremely valuable to many students and teachers since it does a great deal to render accessible an area which is usually only covered by much more technical works.\' Journal of the International Phonetic Association