Author of "The Soul at Work" and "After the Future," Franco Berardi Bifo (born 1949) is one of today's most articulate and prominent anti-capitalism theorists. Like many others involved with the 1960s Autonomia movement in Italy (such as Antonio Negri and Mario Tronti), Berardi moved to Paris, where he worked and studied with the French philosopher and psychotherapist Felix Guattari, in the field of schizoanalysis. "Skizo-Mails" is a collection of Berardi's aphoristic and diaristic correspondence that combines the political and the poetic in its consideration of our present plight. "What invention will be able to call humans out of the abyss? Who will be able to gather thoughts and emotions and solidarity?" Berardi asks, in one letter. This publication is the first in Errant Bodies' new "Doormats" series, dedicated to rethinking the contemporary political sphere and demanding a focused and attentive presence and readership.


    Franco Berardi: Skizo-Mails
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  • Utgivelsesår: 2013
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