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Across the Darkness of the River
Poet, painter, and essayist Hsi Muren is perhaps the most widely read woman poet in Taiwan. Ever since her first two collections of poetry, Seven... Les mer
Book of Reincarnation
Combining Chinese classicism with modern ideas, Buddhist concepts, and metaphors with subjects associated with the Taiwanese claim to their native... Les mer
Tom La Farge's new novel revisits the animal world he created in his acclaimed The Crimson Bears and A Hundred Doors. The protagonist, Zuntig the... Les mer
Selected Poems
Else Lasker-SchÊler was a leading Expressionist poet and one of the most prominent women writers of the early 20th century. She has been described... Les mer
Bow Down
Poetry collection, with art by John Baldessari, published in English and Italian in... Les mer
Born in Fuentevaqueros, Granada in 1898, Federico García Lorca was one of the great Spanish poets and playwrights of the 20th century. He was... Les mer
The Pretext
Linked by some criticts to the Objectivist tradition, particularly to the poet George Oppen, Rae Armantrout began her writing as a poet closely... Les mer
Displeasures of the Table
Poet Martha Ronk notes that it is not so much that she finds food displeasurable, but that she finds the sitting at the table unpleasant. Food,... Les mer
The School for Atheists
Published originally in 1972, The School for Atheists is one of the great works of fiction by the renowned German novelist Arno Schmidt (1914-1979),... Les mer
Hercules, Richelieu and Nostradamus
The noted Flemish writer, Paul Snoek, was one of the most controversial figures of modern Flemish literature. He was often referred to in the... Les mer
Gold Fools
Three teenage boys, Nort and Dick Shannon and their friend, Bud Merkel, find themselves in the middle of the forbidding Gila Desert on an adventure... Les mer
Pedra Canga
Pedra Canga, a small and isolated community in the Brazilian Pantanal, or wetlands, endures amid poverty, myth, and superstition. Dreaming and... Les mer
The Mysterious Hualien
Born in 1953 in Hualien, Taiwan, Chen I-chih is the author of five collections of poetry, A Setting Sun Against Rising Moon (1977), Blue Gown (1985),... Les mer
This book is a study of opera by the great French poet, art critic, and anthropologist Michel Leiris. Leiris began his writing career as a poet... Les mer
Letters from Hanusse
This volume is the third in The Structure of Destruction, Douglas Messerli's exploration of evil in 20th century; Letters from Hanusse was written by... Les mer
A Wanderer Plays on Muted Strings
Related to and sometimes paired with Hamsun's Under the Autumn Star, this beautifully lyric novel picks up with he same characters as the other book,... Les mer
Suicide Circus: Selected Poems
With Velimir Khlebnikov and Vladimir Mayakovsky, Alexei Kruchenykh was one of the central figures of Russian Futurism, and the leading practitioner... Les mer
Gérard de Nerval's greatest subject was himself. Throughout his tempestuous life that ended with suicide by hanging, this French Romantic poet... Les mer
Antilyrik and Other Poems
Vítêzslav Nezval (1900-1958) was an active participant in the European avant-garde between the two world wars. In the 1920s, he was the founding... Les mer
Utah, Toby Olson's fourth novel, is a haunting tale that serves as a both a continuation and a tantalizing expansion of the times that have possessed... Les mer
Crowtet 1
Together, these two plays comprise the first two of four parts of an unofficial gloss on the apocrypha of contemporary, low-rent America, As such,... Les mer
Mexico: A Play
Stein's memorable play Mexico was first printed in the groundbreaking 1922 collection Geography and Plays, a book which, like other works published... Les mer
To Do: A Book of Alphabets and Birthdays
To Do is an alphabet book, meant originally for children, in which Stein planned an orderly progression through the alphabet with four names for each... Les mer
What is Man?
What is Man?is one of Mark Twain's most remarkable works: a long dialogue, written in 1906, about the nature of mankind. An old man and a young man... Les mer