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A Treatise on Stars
An ethereal new collection that is “visceral with intellection” (David Lau) A Treatise on Stars extends Mei-mei Berssenbrugge’s intensely... Les mer
Norma Jeane Baker of Troy
Norma Jeane Baker of Troy is a meditation on the destabilizing and destructive power of beauty, drawing together Helen of Troy and Marilyn Monroe,... Les mer
“And now, illuminate the space and describe each one you saw in the mist.”—Mei-mei Berssenbrugge, “Fog” Empathy, first published by... Les mer
Baron Wenckheim’s Homecoming
Set in contemporary times, Baron Wenckheim’s Homecoming tells the story of a Prince Myshkin–like figure, Baron Béla Wenckheim, who returns at... Les mer
Envelope Poems
Full-color facsimiles are accompanied by Marta L. Werner and Jen Bervin's pioneering transcriptions of Dickinson's handwriting. Their transcriptions... Les mer
War and War
A novel of awesome beauty and power by the Hungarian master, Laszla Krasznahorkai. Winner of a 2005 PEN Translation Fund Award. War and War,... Les mer
Hegel writes in his Aesthetics The Antigone is one of the most sublime and in every respect most excellent works of art of all time. Simone Weil... Les mer
The Albertine Workout
The Albertine Workout contains fifty-nine paragraphs, with appendices, summarizing Anne Carson s research on Albertine, the principal love interest... Les mer
Hello, the Roses
A poet of "epic perception" and "subtle music," Mei-mei Berssenbrugge opens form into long, shimmering lines of profound emotional intensity and... Les mer
Monsieur Pain
'Readers who have snacked on a writer such as Haruki Murakami will feast on Roberto Bolano' Sunday Times Cesar Vallejo, renowned Peruvian poet, lies... Les mer
Nox is an epitaph in the form of a book, a facsimile of a handmade book Anne Carson wrote and created after the death of her brother. The poem... Les mer
Miss Lonelyhearts & The Day of the Locust
The Day of the Locust (1939) is West's great dystopian Hollywood novel based on his experiences at the seedy fringes of the movie industry. Said... Les mer
Nazi Literature in the Americas
A tour de force of black humor and imaginary erudition, Nazi Literature in the Americas presents itself as a biographical dictionary of writers who... Les mer
A Coney Island of the Mind
A million copies in print—translated into over a dozen languages—one of the best-selling and most popular books of poetry ever published, now... Les mer
My Emily Dickinson
With exacting rigor and wit, Howe pulls Dickinson free of all the sterile and stuffy belle-of-Amherst cotton wool and shows the poet in touch with... Les mer
Poetry As Insurgent Art
After a lifetime, this (r)evolutionary little book is still a work-in-progress, the poet's ars poetica, to which at 88 he is constantly... Les mer
Where Europe Begins
Where Europe Begins presents a collection of startling new stories by Japanese writer Yoko Tawada. Moving through landscapes of fairy tales, family... Les mer
The Vienna Paradox: A Memoir
The Vienna Paradox is the well-known literary critic Marjorie Perloff's memoir of growing up in pre-World War II Vienna; her escape to America in... Les mer
The Midnight
New poetry and prose from a most acclaimed experimental American poet. In The Midnight's five sections, three of poetry and two of prose amply... Les mer
In Alphabet, Christensen creates a framework of psalm-like forms that unfold like expanding universes, crystallising into words both the beauty and... Les mer
Pierce-Arrow takes as its shooting off point the figure of Charles S. Peirce, the allusive late nineteenth-century philosopher-scientist and founder... Les mer
Frame Structures: Early Poems 1974-1979
In Frame Structures, Susan Howe brings together those of her earliest poems she wishes to remain in print, and in the forms in which she cares to... Les mer
Robert Creeley & the Genius of the American Common Place
An interactive biographical essay culled from conversations between Robert Creeley and poet Tom... Les mer
The Nonconformist’s Memorial
The Nonconformist's Memorial is a gathering of four long sequences that underscores Susan Howe's reputation as one of the leading experimentalists... Les mer