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A Cup of Sake Beneath the Cherry Trees
'It is a most wonderful comfort to sit alone beneath a lamp, book spread before you, and commune with someone from the past whom you have never... Les mer
Wailing Ghosts
'...revealing great shining fangs more than three inches long.' Some of the most macabre and wonderful of all Chinese stories, including 'The Golden... Les mer
The Saga of Gunnlaug Serpent-Tongue
'In two I'll slice the hair-seat / of Helga's kiss-gulper.' In this epic tale from the Viking Age that ranges across Scandinavia and Viking Britain,... Les mer
A Dead Man’s Memoir
This is Bulgakov's semi-autobiographical story of a writer who fails to sell his novel and fails to commit suicide. When his play is taken up by... Les mer
Medea and Other Plays
That proud, impassioned soul, so ungovernable now that she has felt the sting of injustice' "Medea", in which a spurned woman takes... Les mer