The Consequence of Innovation: 21st Century Poetics

Dworkin has edited a collection of amazing new essays on poetics, summarizing the variety of poetries that have arisen in innovative writing during the past 10 years. Filling the gap that has arisen in publishing writing on new poetry, there are essays on computer programs as poems by Brian Kim Stefans, flarf poetics by Gary Sullivan and Michael Gottlieb, uncreative poetry by Kenneth Goldsmith, and environmental poetry by James Sherry. There are essays on playwright Fiona Templeton and a groundbreaking piece by Sianne Ngai centered on Gertrude Stein. There is also an important group of general essays on the poetry marketplace by Steve Evans, Charles Bernstein, and Marjorie Perloff. If you buy one book this year, buy this one.

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    Craig Dworkin (red.): The Consequence of Innovation: 21st Century Poetics
  • Forlag: Roof Books
  • Utgivelsesår: 2008
  • Kategori: Teori
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  • ISBN: 9781931824293
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