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Utopia Pipe Dream Memory
Poetry. Women's Studies. UTOPIA PIPE DREAM MEMORY builds upon impossible imagined intimacies, relishing the pleasure of slow, attentive learning. In... Les mer
A Handbook of Disappointed Fate
A HANDBOOK OF DISAPPOINTED FATE highlights a decade of Anne Boyer's interrogative writing on poetry, death, love, lambs, and other impossible... Les mer
The Green Ray
THE GREEN RAY is relentless—in its syntactical and almost kaleidoscopic subversion of univocal emotion, its contrapuntal speed and delay, intimacy... Les mer
Aim at the Centaur Stealing Your Wife
In the United States and Europe in the early twenty-first century, a person of mixed ethnicity finds herself questing inside old European art and... Les mer
No, Wait. Yep. Definitely Still Hate Myself.
Robert Fitterman's new book-length poem borrows its poetic form, loosely, from James Schuyler's The Morning of the Poem, to orchestrate... Les mer
BRIBERY is a long poem in which the author confesses to unsolved crimes in New York City, rants about politics, and lives for thousands of... Les mer
Sixty Morning Talks
SIXTY MORNING TALKS: SERIAL INTERVIEWS WITH CONTEMPORARY AUTHORS provides sixty transcribed interviews with poets who released books in 2012. Rather... Les mer
Sixty Morning Walks
SIXTY MORNING WALKS is a sixty-part meditation inspired by Utagawa Hiroshige's kaleidoscopically shifting vantage on the ever-changing city. The... Les mer
Imperial Nostalgias
Poetry. IMPERIAL NOSTALGIAS is the second collection by poet and translator Joshua Edwards. Written in Mexico, China, Germany, Nicaragua, and during... Les mer
Poetics. Art. In 1971, American conceptual artist Lee Lozano began her Boycott Piece, refusing to speak to women as a protest against patriarchy; in... Les mer
Spit temple
David Berridge reviews Cecilia Vicuña’s Spit Temple, recently out from Ugly Duckling Presse, for Intercapillary Space. We’re grateful that the... Les mer
On the Tracks of Wild Game
Poetry. Translated from the Slovenian by Sonja Kravanja. Tomaž Šalamun wrote the poems collected in ON THE TRACKS OF WILD GAME [Po sledeh divjadi]... Les mer
The Return of the Native
Poetry. THE RETURN OF THE NATIVE is both a pastoral and its counterpoint. A series of 23 poems, it enacts a struggle between the romance of recorded... Les mer
The Hermit
What is the hermit? A crab? A card drawn from a tarot deck? Sage, lunatic, scholar, mad scientist, philosopher or monk? A rebel or recluse, a... Les mer
neither wit nor gold
While putting together a manuscript of work written between 1975-1990, Alcalay became dissatisfied with the notion of a "selected... Les mer
El Golpe Chileno
EL GOLPE CHILEÑO is Julien Poirier's first book, not counting chapbooks and a newspaper novel. It runs naked through letters and cartoons dated... Les mer
60 Textos
A companion volume to Riggs's books 28 Telegrams, 43 Post-Its and 38 Instant Messages, 60 TEXTOS continues the poet's investigation into the ways... Les mer
Notes on Conceptualisms
Literary Nonfiction. Poetics. "In NOTES ON CONCEPTUALISMS, Place and Fitterman erect the first critical framework toward the understanding of... Les mer
Poetry. "In her second full-length collection, Levitsky challenges readers with an expansive sequence of poems that vigorously dissemble and... Les mer
Selected Poems
Elena Fanailova's poems take on topics ranging from the pleasures and disasters of daily life to political spectacle and aesthetic triumph. They push... Les mer
A Plate of Chicken
Poetry. "A PLATE OF CHICKEN is a masterpiece of subtlety and frailty, a series of glimpses, thought-fragments, coping devices, and simple... Les mer
Hello Failure
Hello failure was presented in the Prelude Festival in 2007, and produced at PS 122 in March 2008. "The play opens quietly, more or less, on... Les mer
Red Shifting
Aleksandr Skidan is one of Russia’s most important contemporary poets. With language that is at once literary, cinematic, philosophical,... Les mer
East Slope
Su Shi was born in Meishan, Sichuan Province in the year 1037 and died in 1101 (from Harefoot to ... Les mer